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The Blue Jumping Suit….Courtesy of Rent the Runway

Last week was my husbands work holiday party and since I LOVE any occasion that calls for fancy dress, or in this case…fancy pants, I decided to have some fun and really go for it head to toe. I am pretty pleased with how it all came together and I wanted to share it!

I rented this “Jumping Suit” , as it became known at my house,  from Rent the Runway. I also rented these Kate Spade ear pins but they didn’t come in time. But that actually worked out fine because I got these fabulous ear jackets from Nordstrom and the sales girl gave this awesome idea to keep them fresh by adding any pair of studs to them!

Thanks Heather-michellephotography.com !

Thanks Heather-michellephotography.com !

I ended up wearing these Kate Spade ear jackets with a fun pair of studs I already had. My neighbor loaned me her gold sparkly pocket book which works great with my fancy Jessica Simpson shoes that are way too high for regular wear but oh so great for a fancy party! Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.54.24 PM

Because we don’t get out on the town much (we work ALOT and have two small children), we really make the most of these nights out. We stopped at Richmond’s new boutique hotel, Quirk and had a fabulous cocktail before heading out to the holiday party at the Jefferson Hotel. How lucky was I to run into Heather of Heather Michelle Photography who kindly snapped a pic of us and emailed it me after.

Thanks Heather-michellephotography.com !

Thanks Heather-michellephotography.com !

This picture makes me feel SO fancy. Thank you Heather!

Getting out of the house is kind of a miracle when you are wrangling a 9 month old and a 2.5 year old. In order to make getting ready seamless and efficient, I totally did a “trial run” of my hair since I don’t usually wear it this way. I needed to know exactly how long it would take me to style it and if these headbands I  bought from Francesca’s were going to work and actually be comfortable enough to wear all night.

IMG_9877I did this quick trial a few days before and texted it to my girlfriends to get some approval. I wasn’t sure if this was too over the top, even for me. They gave me the thumbs up so I went all out for the event.

Here is a quick unedited selfie from my bathroom. I had to get one last vote of approval from a fellow fashionista before I hit the town. I am so in love with these Kate Spade ear jackets and super grateful that the sales girl gave me the idea to switch up the studs! I also bought the all white version of the ear pins that I attempted to rent and they are super fabulous!

Hair and Makeup are my main gig and I do a little wardrobe for production too. But I doubt myself at times when it comes to my wardrobe selection. That is why I love having Joanna Avant, personal shopper, as a buddy. I love following her Instagram feed to see what cute stuff she is into. If you feel like you need some help in the shopping department or someone to do an audit of your closet, you should put her on your Christmas wish list! She has gift cards available, more about that here. 

I am launching Makeover Your Makeup Bag lessons in 2016 which will be a set of 3 appointments with me to clean out your cosmetics collection, do some shopping together and then show you how to use it. Joanna inspired me to make those available to you guys sooner than I had planned so you could put them on your Christmas list. Would you like that?

If you like this look and you are interested in seeing more details for how I put it all together, there will be a return of the YouTube tutorials on my channel next year. Let me know in the comments what you would like me to share in the tutorials. Feel free to ask for anything, hair/makeup/wardrobe related. Im down to do whatever.

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I have been taking a break from the blog for awhile but I am back at it with fun stuff that you won’t want to miss. Like special deals ($50 off for 2016 brides who book in December), or when I giveaway my new favorite shampoo and condoner (there are still a few days to enter here!) or when I share how I make one of my DIY sugar scrubs, which make great holiday gifts! I will be sharing a few more of those coming up soon!

Happy Holiday!