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DIY Harvest Spice Body Scrub

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I mean what is not to love? There is the eating, the lounging, and be grateful for all the love in your life. Its basically the perfect holiday!

When I found these envelopes in my son’s cubby at preschool, I decided this would be a super fun way to show some of our friends how much we love them. It was super easy to do and we hope it made our friends feel special. Teaching little ones to share kindness thru the community is the best.


The hardest part was picking 3 friends! It didn’t take long to remember three special friends that made me feel really loved and supported recently. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a few posts two weeks ago that I ran the Richmond half marathon with two of my girlfriends. This was an incredible experience and something I never would have done without the encouragement and support of these girls.


Around 4th of July, Sarah had the brilliant idea that we should all do this and wouldn’t take no for an answer, even with my excuse of just having a baby in March. She convinced me that I could do it so I signed up and so did our friend Judy. What really helped was that Judy was the same pace as me (pretty slow) and had also never run more than 2 miles. When we were able to run 12 miles nonstop on our last training run, we were so shocked and proud of ourselves. I really cant believe I took on this challenge and completed it before Sloane turns 9 months!

FullSizeRender-7I don’t have a photo of her from the race but the 3rd recipient of the scrub was our neighborhood friend, Stephanie D., who is an experienced runner (she has run multiple marathons, including Boston!). Stephanie was supposed to run the race but had an injury that didn’t allow her to run. Instead of staying home and being sad, she bundled up and came out to support her dad and many friends who ran that day. She walked along the course and met up with us a different points to cheer us on. Around mile 10, I had gotten separated from Judy and was really struggling. Stephanie appeared out of nowhere, like an angel, and gave me the motivation (and some Starbursts) to join back up with Judy and finish strong. That really meant a lot to me.

In addition to girl power and reaching an awesome goal, I also love a good old sugar scrub. This time of year, as the temps drop, I start to notice my skin starting to get super dry. When we start showing less skin when summer is over and dressing in our fall outfits, I know I stop be as diligent with the moisturizer on my body. That combined with the dry air indoors can be a recipe for super scaly skin.

My mother is the queen of Pinterest, so when I needed some ideas for teacher gifts and holiday treats for friends, I had her send me some inspiration from her Pinterest collection. I decided to make a Coconut Oil and sugar scrub. Super easy!PicFrame

I got these 4oz Ball canning jars and the fragrance from Amazon. I started with 1 cup of coconut oil, I had some from Trader Joe’s in my cabinet already, and 1 cup of granulated sugar. Mix that together.

To get a bit more substance and to add some color and scent, I threw in 1/4 cup of brown sugar to the mix.

This makes an amazing scrub for your hands and body (not face!) that smells incredible and is super moisturizing.


I added about a teaspoon or so of the Harvest Spice scent for fragrance.FullSizeRender-14Once it was all mixed together, we filled our jars. Then Silas added some stickers to decorate the jars. We LOVE stickers! Stickers on top of stickers on top of more stickers.


The next morning we took our sugar scrub jars and added a nice thank you note to the envelopes and set out around the neighborhood to deliver our special treats. We had SO much fun.

You are supposed to leave it as a surprise but Im pretty sure that our friends will know it was us (not just because of this post!) but because we are the only friends in the neighborhood who go to this preschool. I hope they were surprised to find their treat and our note letting them know we are grateful for their friendship.

Also in the envelope there was a card explaining that they had been hugged. FullSizeRender-13And a card to put on their front door to let people know that they had been visited with kindness. The last two years we have had something like this for Halloween where you got “Boo’d”. People would drop little Halloween treats at your door and you would put up a ghost on your door so people would know you had been hit, then you do it to three more people. 

This guy was super excited to knock on doors. Thankfully, we were able to surprise 2 of the 3 friends, but only because they weren’t home. This guy isn’t really into the sneak attacks, he announces his every move.FullSizeRender-10

We left it on their doorstep and hoped they were as excited to receive it as we were to make it for them. Happy Thanksgiving friends! FullSizeRender-9I am going to make some of these scrubs for Christmas again this year and will report back on how we have updated the recipe! Here is another easy DIY Lip Scrub that you can make with 2 ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Which would you like to give or receive?

Enjoy! XOXO


Men’s Shaving Tips

Tips for shaving that you and the men your life will find helpful!


Thanks to our friends at Advanced Dermatology for this great and super informative info graphic.

Spring Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine Made Easy For Spring

Now that may has arrived, it is officially spring, and a new season always means new battles for your skin. With summer right around the corner, it’s good to get into a healthy skin regimen so that you can stay beautiful rain or shine.

After a long winter, your skin could feel dry and leave you with rough patches that you want to get rid of (especially when you can finally lose the coat). The most important thing you can do in the spring is start a skin care regimen that is right for you, so that by the time you get to summer you know exactly what your skin needs so you can be looking beautiful even when it starts to get cold again.


The first step in any healthy skin regimen is to clean up your skin. Finding a gentle cleanser that will clear away any impurities from your skin while not drying out your skin too much will be the perfect balance your skin needs in order to bring back your skin’s healthy glow just in time for spring. Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy is a great product that is not only anti-aging, it also perfectly cleanses and removes makeup by the face. It detoxifies deep and levels your skin out.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com


Next, it is best to exfoliate. If your skin is feeling a little dry and irritated from the cold winter, you want to make sure you still use an exfoliant, but don’t over do it, because it could do more harm than good. Something like the Skin Soho Ex-Foliating Cloth is perfect to deep clean and not irritate your skin. In order to get that glow you want, you have to clear away the dead skin cells and repair the damaged areas.


After exfoliating, it is essential to hydrate your skin. The best thing to do is to find a moisturizer that is hydrating and not oily. You want to repair and prevent, not overcompensate with a product that has too much of a lotion base. Clearing the dead skin away and then helping your skin retain moisture will give you the fresh face you want for spring and put you in a great routine for when summer rolls around. It would be best to find a moisturizer that has SPF to use in the morning so that it can protect your skin during the day when you’re exposed to the sun. It also has beneficial vitamins that will make your skin brighter and smoother.

Love Your Body

This routine doesn’t just have to be for your face – your entire body could benefit from some exfoliation and hydration. With a body wash with exfoliating beads, you take care of the rest of your body too. And finding a body lotion that repairs all of that dryness can be the perfect combination to leave you looking and feeling fresh just in time for these warmer days.

By repairing the damage caused by winter and revealing that smooth, bright, healthy skin underneath, you will be in the perfect position to prevent any damage that will come in the summer. Equipping yourself with products that react well with your own skin tone will be beneficial not only to get you through the season, but through the rest of the year as well.

Gwen Lewis is a writer and professional makeup artist who lives in Southern California. Her writing focuses on anything beauty and health. She hopes you really enjoy this article!

How to do an at home facial


How To Do An At Home FacialHow to do an at home facial

Skin care is one of the most important parts of your beauty routine because your face is one of the first things that people notice about you when they first meet you. When you look good you feel better about yourself and have more confidence in the things you do. This is why facials are such an important addition to your weekly routine. Now I know that you’re busy and can’t go to the spa all the time so here are a few tips on how to do an at home facial.

  1. The first step is to get your hair out of your face so get a rubber band and pull it all back into a ponytail.

  2. Now that you’re ready to really get to work it’s time to use a gentle cleanser to remove any trace of dirt or makeup. Be sure that your cleanser is suitable for your skin type so that you don’t dry out or break out.

  3. Apply an exfoliator to your skin using small circular motions to remove the dead skin cells. This will help your skin to look fresher and brighter because the dead cells are not dulling out the top layer (the dermis) of the skin. Be careful to not use too much pressure or you can rip the skin.

  4. In order to open your pores I suggest putting a towel over your head and carefully standing over a pot of hot water with chamomile or lemon zinger tea. The chamomile is more relaxing and the lemon zinger has a little more kick to it. Be sure to not get to close to the pot or the steam can burn your face.

  5. If you have pimples or ingrown hairs now you will be able to gently and easily remove them. Be sure that your finger nails are clean in order to avoid infection. If you don’t want to use your nails you can purchase tools at your favorite beauty supply shop.

  6. Next apply a facial mask. Pumpkin or avocado egg masks are great for people who have acne. Collagen and coffee masks are great for people who are looking for a nice healthy glow. If you have sensitive skin I recommend you can also use an oatmeal mask.

  7. Don’t forget to put a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes to make them brighter. The cucumbers and masks should be left on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes.

  8. Finally be sure to apply a moisturizer to protect your skin from the elements. Be sure to use a thicker cream in the winter and a lighter one during the summer months.

Put aside about 45 minutes for the process. If you don’t have to remove any blemishes then you can put aside about 30 minutes. The process is faster and less expensive than going to a spa and it gives you some alone time. Enjoy!

Aleya started an electrolysis hair removal practice in Long Island 9 years ago. As her business grew she started offering Diode laser hair removal services to her clients who want faster results. Aleya takes great pride in her knowledge of hair and skin care and is always happy to share with her clients and friends. Thank you Beauty Tidbits for allowing me to share this information with your readers.

Guest Post: Skin Rejuventation

What Risks Are There With Skin Rejuvenation Procedures?


Everyone is looking to slow the age process, constantly searching for the legendary fountain of you. As a nation, we spend millions of dollars on skincare products like creams, as well as procedures like face lifts to stem the tide of aging. There are a number of different routes to take to stay young, and they all come with their own risks. As we age, our skin suffers. Whether caused by genes, lifestyle choices like smoking, sun exposure, or just aging itself, our skin will wrinkle. Other people suffer from pigment changes like brown spots and blotchiness. Adults that suffered from acne as teenagers may find themselves dealing with extra problems.

There are a number of skin rejuvenation procedures that people can choose from. Below are some explanations of the risks involved in these kind of procedures, specifically laser skin resurfacing, which is usually done on the face, neck, and hands. A carbon dioxide laser is the most common kind of laser to be used in this procedure.

Skin resurfacing is explained by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as a “controlled injury to your skin.” The website continues, “As your skin heals, the goal is to form “good” scar tissue; the risk is forming “bad” scar tissue.” To avoid forming the bad scar tissue, make sure you are working with a reputable surgeon who you trust. Do proper online research and try to get a personal referral.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also offers information regarding the risks of laser skin resurfacing. It warns that patients suffer from swelling and redness, much like a mild sunburn. These patients may also suffer from stinging or itching for several days. Some people may suffer from worse damage. “Depending on the treatment, some people may have what looks like a severe sunburn. The skin will be raw, oozing and may even blister. A yellow liquid may ooze from treated areas to form a crust.” It then advises,“Do not scratch or pick at crusts because this can cause scarring.”

Luckily, WebMD has better things to say about the risks of laser resurfacing. It says that the procedure is “usually very precise and causes little damage to the surrounding skin and tissue.” However, it still warns about specific risks involved in newer methods of resurfacing, even though they are minimal. Fractional laser skin resurfacing doesn’t have a lot of associated complications, but some bleeding and scabbing may occur. “Plasma skin resurfacing, which uses plasma energy to destroy the lower layers of skin but does not affect the top layer of skin. This top layer protects the lower lawyers of skin as they heal.”

After surgery, patients must be prepared for a recovery and healing period. The length of this period will depend on the size of the treated area, as well as the depth of it. The more skin you have treated, the longer it will take to recover. The swelling will likely last for at least a few days, though cold packs and prescription anti-inflammatory medication will ease the pain and swelling both. Once the skin regrows, it will likely stay red for as long as several weeks. Be sure to clear your schedule for at least a week after the surgery to give your skin adequate healing time!


About the Author: Debbie spends her time writing health and beauty articles. She also reviews thermage procedures When she has some free time (which isn’t often) she cuts loose with a good book and a glass of wine.