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Concerned about Parabens?

I was recently contacted by a reader who was concerned about the level of parabens that she believed were in a product that I had mentioned. This product that is made for expecting mothers to use on their skin. The company had sent me these products to use and I was reporting back with my results, as I so often do. You can see that post here.

belly butter

Since many people are concerned about parabens in skin care products these days, I wanted to address this in a post in case anyone else had the same concerns. If you have never heard of parabens, let me first say that parabens are preservatives, used for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

If this is of concern to you, there are many paraben free alternatives to a good many products on the market.  If you want to avoid them, you definitely should. When I spoke to my own doctor about this, I was informed that parabens are not a list of ingredients to be avoided and they are considered safe during pregnancy.

Little known fact, parabens are naturally occurring in some foods, such as blueberries, carrots, strawberries and olives.


Just to be safe, I contacted the company directly asking about parabens in their products so that I could be 100% thorough with my representation of this brand.  Mr. Strassler, president and founder of Reviva Labs (who makes the Expectant Mother products I mentioned), gave me the below statement in regards to my question about parabens in their products.

“Please advise that Reviva Labs has replaced parabens in their formulas about 2 years ago.”

paraben free

Thank you, Mr. Strassler for the prompt response and Reviva Labs for making fabulous products that I love.

If parabens are of concern to you, please contact your physician. I am not a medical professional and do not write this blog to represent any one format (like vegan, all natural, paraben-free, etc). I do prefer to use products that are socially and environmentally conscious (and give them props when they are) but that is not my exclusive format for this blog.

Parabens are not a great concern of mine. I do make a note when I have a paraben free product that the shelf life may be limited. I certainly want to make sure not to let them expire and end up with some kind of rash or infection from spoiled products. Bring on the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection please!

Can I just say again how much I loved these products? I went thru them very quickly because they made my growing belly so much more comfortable. And so far, so good with no stretch marks to speak of!


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Stretch Mark Prevention

At the moment, I am writing this from my 32nd week of pregnancy. My first pregnancy. There are lots of new things that happen in pregnancy. One thing that most women are concerned about is stretch marks. Mostly because those are battle scars that stay with you, long after the heartburn or morning sickness go away.

32 weeks

When I got the opportunity to receive products from Reviva Lab, I was especially excited when I saw they had an Expectant Mama line.  I picked out 2 products to try out and share my experience with you.

I have been using both of these for the last few weeks and so far, I LOVE them both. Now, the true test will come after we meet this little guy. Right now, I just have to use these daily and report back later. From what I hear, the stretch marks may come after delivery.


I have been using this lotion after I get out of the shower each day. It is nice and think enough to spread nicely. I have been using it from my chest, down my belly and across my hips.

belly butterI havent been too itchy. But the times that I have felt the itch, (I guess that is when the skin is stretching), it seems to be at night. So I would apply this over my belly before bed. That seemed to instantly soothe the skin and relax me enough to rest easily.

Our little boy is due to arrive sometime around May 11th. Hopefully he will be here in time for me to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with my new baby. Right after that, I will report back on my stretch mark progress. So far, I don’t seem to have any!

Thanks Reviva Labs for sending these products for me to try! I think every pregnant lady needs to try these and I will be using them again, if I am pregnant a second time.


Recap of 2012

Every year, I like to recap the year to see where I have been before I start planning and
goal setting for next year. I feel like a wise person once told us that you need to understand
where you’ve been to clearly plan where you will be going next.

In 2012, I made HUGE progress in my business and personal life. I am expecting a baby soon, (YouTube Preview Image) and will make the gender announcement on YouTube next month. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and subscribe to get new blog posts to your email so you don’t miss it! We are busy getting our house ready for those changes.

I told myself that I was only doing 25 weddings in 2012 so that I could take some personal time and have some fun. Maybe I could learn to say no a little. I did better than I thought I would with this. I lost count but I think I did 28 or 29, but I for sure less than 30. Next year, I am only taking 12 brides. A few of those spots have been snagged so if you want one, speak now!

Last year, I launched a new business, Money Making Makeup Artist. This is a business consulting/mentoring/coaching program that I have created to help people launch their own freelance businesses. Head on over to the website and get the free resources that you get from my emails. Right now, there is a great giveaway that you won’t want to miss! Get this great workbook and calendar to create your incredible 2013200ad1

Now here is my 2012 recap!

January: To start of the year, I had the opportunity to join some colleagues of mine from the Richmond Wedding Industry to speak on a panel at The Special Event in Tampa, Fl.  Our topic was The Time Crunch, Managing the Day of Timeline.  I learned so much from this opportunity that I as able to take with me thru rest of the year.

My first speaking opportunity at the special event in Tampa, Jan 2012

My first speaking opportunity at the special event in Tampa, Jan 2012


My husband and I, along with our pals Kristen and Chris, attend the Washington D.C. Mardi Gras ball. Since Kristen and I are Louisiana natives, and my husband did live there for 2 years, we especially love this time of year. We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to attend this swanky event and had a great time. Then, when we got home, my husband surprised me by having a King Cake overnighted from New Orleans. Yep, I married well!

Washington D.C. Mardi Gras Ball

Washington D.C. Mardi Gras Ball

King Cake I also started my YouTube Channel, which had been a long time goal. I finally did it and I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to get this video submission to L’Oreal for a contest they were holding last year.YouTube Preview Image


They say the first year is the hardest. On March 19th, we had officially been married for 1 year and I have to say that while year 1 was not too shabby, year 2 has been incredible. More on that coming soon. I already told you that we are expanding, right? Did you see the video announcement?

On our actual anniversary, my friend Katelyn James had us pose as the bride and groom in her Spring photography workshop. It was so fun to dress up and be a bride and groom (in different clothes, in a different city, in a different venue, with 30 photographers, HA!, no really we LOVED it).  Thanks, Katelyn, I love being a part of your Workshop Experience. I usually do hair and makeup for the models and this time I got to be a vendor and a model!

photo by Katelyn James Photography

photo by Katelyn James Photography

From there we scooted off to Charlottesville to enjoy a 1st anniversary get away weekend. It was wonderful!


This is when the wedding season always gets fully in the swing of things so I was really busy with that, I think we had 4 or 5 that month. Technically, I think this was March 31 but its usually in April so we will include it here. We did the Monument 10k run here in Richmond. Since Im not the fastest racer, I make up for it with mad style.
YouTube Preview Image

This is also a busy month for weddings, my team did 5 more this month. Im not sure how I found the time to go to New York City twice in May but Im glad that I did! Having the opportunity to attend the Fitness magazine blogger Meet and Tweet was incredible, more on that here. The very next week I went back for the Likeable Awards and the Makeup Show.

NYC Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet. I got to meet Laura Geller and Mia Hamm! So much swag to blog about!

NYC Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet. I got to meet Laura Geller and Mia Hamm! So much swag to blog about!

The Makeup Show in NYC 2012.

The Makeup Show in NYC 2012.


This was a fun month, 2 more weddings, another trip to New York City for a photo shoot and a road trip to my husband’s home town for his family friend’s wedding. We had a great time!

Having fun as wedding guests!

Having fun as wedding guests!


Three more weddings and loads of commercial work kept me really busy in July. Somehow I found time to squeeze in another fun race, the Color Me Rad color run.

Behind the Scenes working on a commercial.

Behind the Scenes working on a commercial.

Color Me Rad 5k Richmond


My mom came to visit RIchmond so that was a nice treat. The week after, I was hired as a stylist for the Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, when we spoke here.

Paul Ryan VP Candidate


My husband and I bought our first home. We have been very busy the last few months getting everything together for our new arrival.

Moving into our 1st House


This is by far, my favorite month of the year. I love my birthday and Halloween and all the fall parties that start happening. I hadn’t posted this picture on Facebook or Instagram since we hadn’t officially announced the baby yet, but this was my Halloween costume. I had a lot of fun with this.

Halloween Costume


Thanksgiving is a close second favorite holiday (to my birthday/Halloween). I had a lot of fun tracking what I was grateful for each day. That inspired my gratitude challenge, which I encourage you to start in the new year. The email notifications that I get twice daily to prompt me to record what I am thankful for at that moment. I encourage you to try it out.

I was really grateful for all the kind words and sweet messages that we had gotten from our big announcement. Not going to lie, I have watched this video quiet a few times. It just makes me happy.
YouTube Preview Image

My husband and I took a spur of the moment trip to the Domincan Republic. It was much needed and all around amazing. While I was there I read 2 books, that I will be telling you more about soon. First I read, Blogger Inc, which you should grab if you are thinking of starting a blog or if you already have one. Even after 4+ years of blogging, I learned so much!

Blogging Inc

If you already have a blog or you want to start a blog, READ THIS BOOK!

If you already have a blog or you want to start a blog, READ THIS BOOK!

I had been wanting to read the Happiness Project for a long time. I ran out of magazines and books that I had brought, so I downloaded it on my iPad and it was a great read! It totally inspired a new project that you will see more of in 2013, so more on that later. Right now, I am reading the follow up, Happier at Home.

happier at home
So that is my year in review. Coming soon, my January goals for 2013. Let’s do it together!