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Testing with a great team of talent… A Beauty Shoot

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to team up with the super talented photographer Kate Ignatowski and gorgeous model, Noelle, who is with Modelogic Wilhelmina for a fashion shoot. This entire project was organized by Kate and her vision came together flawlessly. I am honored that she reached out to me to do hair and makeup for Noelle. Here are some of my favorites from our day.

Warning! There are a lot!


Between the first and third one, which do you think would fit best on the website.To see how the portfolio is laid out, check it out here. 

Noelle-028 Noelle-030

Which of the two black and white above do you like best?

Can you help me pick which ones I should add to the website? I can probably add a few poses from each wardrobe/hair change. But I am going to need your help narrowing it down!

Noelle-035 Noelle-036

What about these two? Eyes to camera or away?


Just gorgeous, right?

Noelle-046 Noelle-048

Which of these in the red hat is your favorite?


What about these?


 I LOVE this one! Right?

As if you weren’t already impressed by Kate’s mad photography skills, all of this was shot on film. Remember that stuff? It came on rolls that you had to load into your camera and actually know what the heck you were doing because you couldn’t just take 1,000 shots hoping you get a few goods ones and then delete the terrible ones. No instant gratification here! But totally worth it!

Noelle-077 Noelle-078

Closer in or a bit more background? Which do you like best?

Noelle-082 Noelle-088

We were blessed with a stunning model, thanks Noelle! And super impressive light from the heavens. Basically, it was the perfect day.

I’m really going to need your help deciding which of these need to go on the website.  Can you do me a favor by commenting with your favorites? Also, if you want to see Kate’s favorites, check out her blog post on here.


I am thinking about this one for the new home page image. What do you think? I like the black and white image that is on there now but I think it could be fun to rotate between a couple of different shots.

Thank you for your help! I look forward to your comments!

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