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Our latest gender reveal party!


How can you not just love this guy!?!? I hit the jackpot when I landed this dude. Even though he is much more practical and not at all into my (sometimes) crazy, over the top antics, he goes out of his way to get excited about the little things and make everything super special for me.  He doesn’t even flinch anymore when I ask him to pose for pictures like this!

Pink or Blue!

Pink or Blue!

When I was pregnant with Silas, my fabulous girlfriends threw Jeff and I the best gender reveal party to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We knew the party was coming, but they surprised us with all kinds of things, like including our mothers via Skype. That was HUGE for us since they both live out of state, it was incredible to be able to share that with them and few close friends. The next morning, I shared this video on YouTube and other social media to share the news with our friends and family who are scattered all over the place.

YouTube Preview Image

As you probably picked up from my last two posts, it has been quite insane around here! Getting the website up took a lot out of me, but I was so proud to announce it here and so grateful for all of your support. My last post shared my other 2 goals for this year, which are also biggies and super important to me to make happen before baby #2 gets here.

But you have to have a little fun to go along with all of this work, right? Last week was my birthday! If you know me, you know I LOVE birthdays a lot. My incredible husband has done some pretty amazing things for me the last 7 years that we have celebrated my birthday together (I couldn’t believe we had 7 years under our belts but he reminded me!). We have jetted off to Napa Valley, Ireland, Memphis, Philadelphia, Austin, the Outer Banks (Duck!) and this year we hit up Kansas City for our dear friends big Greek wedding.  My mom came on Wednesday to watch Silas so we could have a much needed adult only trip (and get some sleep!).


We had our 20 week ultrasound just before I picked mom up from the airport and had the tech put the results in an envelope for us to peak at a bit later. Our gender reveal for Silas was so fun but this time we pictured something a bit more low key and private. I wasn’t sure if we would look at it when we were in Kansas City or if we would wait a few weeks. It had been so busy, I honestly hadn’t really thought of how we would do it. I should have known that my husband, a totally thoughtful dude, had crafted a wonderful way to surprise us both.

Thursday was my birthday and the day we were leaving for the trip. Our flight didn’t leave until 2pm so he left that morning to go work out and take care of some things before we left. Our trip went very smoothly, and we arrived at the hotel just in time to head out for dinner. When we sat down, he gave me a small box and a card. Being an excellent writer, the card brought me to tears and also gave me a clue that inside the small box was something that would tell us if this baby was a boy or girl! I asked if he knew already and he said no.


He had gone a few weeks before and picked out two things and let the ladies in the store know that he would come by that morning with the ultrasound and have them wrap something up to surprise us both. How freaking sweet! I couldn’t open it, I just needed a little more time. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, and they are probably right,  but once you know then you never don’t know again. While I could never wait until the birth to find out, I did like the mystery of having the information in the envelope but choosing to let it be a surprise for just a little longer.

We enjoyed dinner and talked, enjoying the last bit of time to be excited before we found out. For the longest time we had both been very confident that this baby was a girl. We call it a girl and talk to Silas about when his sister comes The last time my mom came, we did the ring test, which in my family is the gospel truth and trumps any other way of telling the gender, including ultrasounds. My mom says it is NEVER wrong.  The ring test is where you tie your wedding ring to a string and hold it over the belly, if it swings in a circle its a girl and back and forth means boy. It was right for Silas and for this baby, the ring test said girl with the worlds biggest circle seen here: IMG_5756  As you seen in the video, I am not a fan of the “its probably twins” comment!

I asked him one more time what he thought before I opened the box and he said he had thought girl but this week thought it may be a boy! We both would have been happy with either. Honestly, I was thinking how easy it would be to have 2 boys. We already have everything! But I knew that Jeff really wanted a girl. He didn’t have a sister and I think he finds them fascinating because they are so damn different from boys in everyday, from day one!

Just then it occurs to me that I didn’t write a letter to this baby, like I did to Silas the night before we found out he was a boy. I had been so busy that I hadn’t really had time to think at all, much less put the thoughts down on paper.


We went back to the hotel and decided to go up to the rooftop bar to open the box. I asked the waitress for a dessert menu and was VERY sad when she told me that the kitchen was closed.  She did take a picture of us with the box still wrapped and a few minutes later, when Florence + the Machine started to play, I knew it was time to find out. This song was in one of the trailer’s for our wedding video, the part where we were all getting ready for everything to begin. It was a sign. It was time. YouTube Preview Image

Here it comes…

It needs to be resized to fit someone for modern times. Estate jewelry is famously tiny, right? Or maybe I'm enormous.

It needs to be resized to fit a modern day lady. Estate jewelry is famously tiny, right? Or maybe I’m enormous.

Diamonds and pink sapphires…A baby girl it is! And we couldn’t be happier.

The waitress asked me what I had gotten and when I explained the gift and that is was my birthday, she promptly when to the kitchen and got us a dessert to celebrate! Love her!


I have been celebrating being 23 for about fifteen years now. Lately I have joked that I have aged about 10 years since having a child, so it may be time to up it. When I turn 40 in a few years, I think I will start claiming to be 50, so people can say how great I look for 50! It just may be time to retire being 23. Being a mother and a wife and a successful business owner, I feel a little more accomplished and experienced, so I am feeling like being 28 for awhile now.

Thank you for celebrating with me. I think its going to be fabulous to be 28 now!

I would love any words of wisdom for being a mama to a little girl. Having two kids under two is pretty terrifying so I may need some encouragement there too! Share your excitement and more in the comments!

Looking forward to the next chapter of the days of our lives, with this handsome devil and our two little ones.



Wish us luck!

Recap of 2012

Every year, I like to recap the year to see where I have been before I start planning and
goal setting for next year. I feel like a wise person once told us that you need to understand
where you’ve been to clearly plan where you will be going next.

In 2012, I made HUGE progress in my business and personal life. I am expecting a baby soon, (YouTube Preview Image) and will make the gender announcement on YouTube next month. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and subscribe to get new blog posts to your email so you don’t miss it! We are busy getting our house ready for those changes.

I told myself that I was only doing 25 weddings in 2012 so that I could take some personal time and have some fun. Maybe I could learn to say no a little. I did better than I thought I would with this. I lost count but I think I did 28 or 29, but I for sure less than 30. Next year, I am only taking 12 brides. A few of those spots have been snagged so if you want one, speak now!

Last year, I launched a new business, Money Making Makeup Artist. This is a business consulting/mentoring/coaching program that I have created to help people launch their own freelance businesses. Head on over to the website and get the free resources that you get from my emails. Right now, there is a great giveaway that you won’t want to miss! Get this great workbook and calendar to create your incredible 2013200ad1

Now here is my 2012 recap!

January: To start of the year, I had the opportunity to join some colleagues of mine from the Richmond Wedding Industry to speak on a panel at The Special Event in Tampa, Fl.  Our topic was The Time Crunch, Managing the Day of Timeline.  I learned so much from this opportunity that I as able to take with me thru rest of the year.

My first speaking opportunity at the special event in Tampa, Jan 2012

My first speaking opportunity at the special event in Tampa, Jan 2012


My husband and I, along with our pals Kristen and Chris, attend the Washington D.C. Mardi Gras ball. Since Kristen and I are Louisiana natives, and my husband did live there for 2 years, we especially love this time of year. We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to attend this swanky event and had a great time. Then, when we got home, my husband surprised me by having a King Cake overnighted from New Orleans. Yep, I married well!

Washington D.C. Mardi Gras Ball

Washington D.C. Mardi Gras Ball

King Cake I also started my YouTube Channel, which had been a long time goal. I finally did it and I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to get this video submission to L’Oreal for a contest they were holding last year.YouTube Preview Image


They say the first year is the hardest. On March 19th, we had officially been married for 1 year and I have to say that while year 1 was not too shabby, year 2 has been incredible. More on that coming soon. I already told you that we are expanding, right? Did you see the video announcement?

On our actual anniversary, my friend Katelyn James had us pose as the bride and groom in her Spring photography workshop. It was so fun to dress up and be a bride and groom (in different clothes, in a different city, in a different venue, with 30 photographers, HA!, no really we LOVED it).  Thanks, Katelyn, I love being a part of your Workshop Experience. I usually do hair and makeup for the models and this time I got to be a vendor and a model!

photo by Katelyn James Photography

photo by Katelyn James Photography

From there we scooted off to Charlottesville to enjoy a 1st anniversary get away weekend. It was wonderful!


This is when the wedding season always gets fully in the swing of things so I was really busy with that, I think we had 4 or 5 that month. Technically, I think this was March 31 but its usually in April so we will include it here. We did the Monument 10k run here in Richmond. Since Im not the fastest racer, I make up for it with mad style.
YouTube Preview Image

This is also a busy month for weddings, my team did 5 more this month. Im not sure how I found the time to go to New York City twice in May but Im glad that I did! Having the opportunity to attend the Fitness magazine blogger Meet and Tweet was incredible, more on that here. The very next week I went back for the Likeable Awards and the Makeup Show.

NYC Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet. I got to meet Laura Geller and Mia Hamm! So much swag to blog about!

NYC Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet. I got to meet Laura Geller and Mia Hamm! So much swag to blog about!

The Makeup Show in NYC 2012.

The Makeup Show in NYC 2012.


This was a fun month, 2 more weddings, another trip to New York City for a photo shoot and a road trip to my husband’s home town for his family friend’s wedding. We had a great time!

Having fun as wedding guests!

Having fun as wedding guests!


Three more weddings and loads of commercial work kept me really busy in July. Somehow I found time to squeeze in another fun race, the Color Me Rad color run.

Behind the Scenes working on a commercial.

Behind the Scenes working on a commercial.

Color Me Rad 5k Richmond


My mom came to visit RIchmond so that was a nice treat. The week after, I was hired as a stylist for the Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, when we spoke here.

Paul Ryan VP Candidate


My husband and I bought our first home. We have been very busy the last few months getting everything together for our new arrival.

Moving into our 1st House


This is by far, my favorite month of the year. I love my birthday and Halloween and all the fall parties that start happening. I hadn’t posted this picture on Facebook or Instagram since we hadn’t officially announced the baby yet, but this was my Halloween costume. I had a lot of fun with this.

Halloween Costume


Thanksgiving is a close second favorite holiday (to my birthday/Halloween). I had a lot of fun tracking what I was grateful for each day. That inspired my gratitude challenge, which I encourage you to start in the new year. The email notifications that I get twice daily to prompt me to record what I am thankful for at that moment. I encourage you to try it out.

I was really grateful for all the kind words and sweet messages that we had gotten from our big announcement. Not going to lie, I have watched this video quiet a few times. It just makes me happy.
YouTube Preview Image

My husband and I took a spur of the moment trip to the Domincan Republic. It was much needed and all around amazing. While I was there I read 2 books, that I will be telling you more about soon. First I read, Blogger Inc, which you should grab if you are thinking of starting a blog or if you already have one. Even after 4+ years of blogging, I learned so much!

Blogging Inc

If you already have a blog or you want to start a blog, READ THIS BOOK!

If you already have a blog or you want to start a blog, READ THIS BOOK!

I had been wanting to read the Happiness Project for a long time. I ran out of magazines and books that I had brought, so I downloaded it on my iPad and it was a great read! It totally inspired a new project that you will see more of in 2013, so more on that later. Right now, I am reading the follow up, Happier at Home.

happier at home
So that is my year in review. Coming soon, my January goals for 2013. Let’s do it together!