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Influenster Relaunch!

Last Friday, I posted about Influenster, and you may be thinking what is that? Well, to get the most information, you can head over here to their “about” page. They do a pretty good job of giving you the run down.

So far I have gotten 3 Influenster Vox Boxes, 2 since the relaunch. I got the Beauty Vox Box first, which you can see here. Then I got the Blogger Vox Box, which I am still working on the post for (coming soon!) and last week I got the Crest White Strips box. I will be following up on that one when I am done with my 20 days of whitening.
Do you think you have what it takes be an Influenster? If so, I have 5 invites to give out. So, leave me a comment with your email and I will send you an invite to be an Influenster. Remember, its not all free products and swag. You do have to do a little work and flex your influential muscles. If that sounds nice, leave me a comment and I will hook you up!