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Must Have Products for Winter Beauty

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If you follow my personal blog or Instagram (@emilyhudspeth), you saw some snippets of my adventures in Park City, UT in January. That inspired me to create a new video of my 3 must have products for cold weather climates or winter in general. Check hat out here:

A hint…you must lock in moisture and protect yourself from the sun’s reflection on the snow. 
When I got back, I had plans to record my first few videos with someone you will be seeing a bit more of. Miss Logan Greenwood is a phenomenal makeup artist who works with me on some projects. She is also building her own business and has done amazing things with the resources she learned from my business building program. 

Logan will be making an appearance at least once a month in video or guest blogging forms. Show her some love and lets us know if there is anything in particular that you want to see. Logan also shares her favorite winter beauty musts. I stole a few of these for myself!

Like her Facebook page and keep an eye out for the video we made on how she did this foiling technique shown in this photo.