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Do you want to WIN your DREAM wedding? For FREE!

YES, you read that correctly! Some of the best of the best vendors are joining forces to create a dream wedding giveaway for one lucky couple! 

Wedding Collective Insta 1 More info can be found over at Katelyn James blog on how to enter and win this amazing, once in a lifetime wedding experience.  Hurry, you only have a little over a week to enter. 

Participating vendors include..

Bridal Hair and Makeup by ME!

Photography by Katelyn James

Venue is Big Spring Farm

Cinematographer Shaina Koren

Floral Design by Amanda Veronee

Vintage Rentals by Paisley and Jade

Graphic Design by Jess Creates

Southern Apparal for men by High Cotton Ties

Event Coordination by Tart Event Co.

Wedding Collective Insta 3

You may have seen all the buzz on Instagram from the vendors and people who are excited to enter to win this amazing giveaway. Follow my Instagram page and connect with all of the above vendors to stay connected on this and other super fun things we are up to.


Types of Hair Extensions

Thanks Phillip James Salon for sharing this great information on different types of hair extensions. Enjoy this educational info graphic and guest post!

Beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions

If you’re impatiently waiting for your hair to grow out or just want to add some more volume, hair extensions may be a good option for you. Long popular in the celebrity world (how do you think Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian get noticeably longer locks in a short period of time?), they’re also a hit with the average salon-goer. You may even have friends who already have hair extensions, but failed to notice because their stylist did such a good job of making them look natural.

So how do you get that same luxurious but natural look? You actually have several different options to choose from, depending on your hair type and what kind of use you want to get out of your extensions. Luckily, Philip James Salon has put together a helpful infographic highlighting different extension techniques. They cover:



This is a tried-and-true technique that uses a keratin protein bond to attach small groupings of hair. That keratin bond is heated up, melted, and rolled into a strand of your own hair, and natural hair is left out at the top of the head so that no one can see the bonds. You’ll get 4 months of wear out of these extensions, and they require very little maintenance.


Using what are called beads or locks, extensions are added strand-by-strand to your own hair—no chemicals or glue necessary. The application is gentle and the extensions are easy to remove after you use them for 4 months. You can also move them closer to your scalp at 2 months and reuse the extensions when you go back into the salon.

Braidless Sew-in

This new technique is gentle and cost effective, with easy maintenance and removal. Using your natural hair as a base, extensions are attached with thread. The nice thing about these extensions is that they last as long as fusion and microlink extensions, can be reused, and don’t require any chemicals or uncomfortable braids.

Skin Weft

This technique isn’t nearly as scary as the name makes it sound (it’s also referred to as tape-in extensions, if that makes you feel any better!). It’s ideal for adding fullness or slight length to your natural hair, and requires sandwiching small sections of your hair between 2 wefts of extension hair, which are held in using a thin polyurethane strip with tape on one side.

Clip-On Extensions

Best suited for occasional wear and special events, the beauty of clip-on extensions lies in the fact that they’re easy to add and remove, are inexpensive, and require little maintenance. Rather than just picking up cheap, costume-y clip-ons at a store, stop by your salon and ask your stylist to help you find the right clip-on extensions for your hair length and color. Your stylist will be able to find clip-on extensions in just the shade you’re looking for and can also help you learn how to attach and trim them so that they blend with your natural hair.

Have more questions about hair extensions? The Philip James Salon infographic has much more information, including maintenance tips and the hair types different extensions are suited for.

Tips for Flawless Holiday Party Hair

Its a super busy time of year. Not only do you have to keep up with your everyday responsibilities but you also probably have a lot of parties to attend. Tough life, right!

Check out these quick and easy hair and makeup videos to help get you out the door faster. The updo videos can be dressed up with fun hair accessories to make it more fancy.

If you want to wear your hair down, you can rock some loose waves, you can use a curling iron or hot rollers. I have a video on how I use both. Check those out here.
YouTube Preview Image

I also have some simple updo tricks for you to try. I think the sock bun is my favorite.
YouTube Preview Image

You can also do a side bun, if you want to mix it up and get a little sassy.
YouTube Preview Image
I have some tips for makeup tricks on the YouTube Channel too. Check those out. Comment if you want a follow up post thats is all about party makeup! Make sure to subscribe to the channel and give your favorite videos love with thumbs up and comments!

Adventures in Couponing and Having Great Hair!

Like most of you girls, I am always excited to get a good deal. I made my usual pop in over to CVS to see what kind of good stuff they had to offer. These L’Oreal products caught my eye. I had been wanting to try the Cleansing Conditioner for awhile so when I saw that these were 2 for $12, I decided to try all 4!
When I had long hair, I tried to shampoo no more than twice a week. And more than that would make my hair too dry and dull looking. Now that I have a sassy short cut, I am having to shampoo it a bit more often. Mostly because short hair is harder to contain with an active lifestyle and after a workout, I am just a mess. The only cure is to shampoo and start over.
This cleansing conditioner is awesome! It is great for my post hot yoga sweaty mess, so I can be refreshed without stripping away moisture.
The root lifter (the 3rd one with purple writing), is alcohol free, so it is also gentle. It is not the most powerful root lifter that I have used but it is a nice, more light option.  The little box all the way on the right is a serum that you can apply to wet hair before you blow dry. It gives a nice shine with some heat protection.  The copper tube, is a finishing product that you apply to your hair when it is dry. This is meant to give separation and definition to the hair. It is probably my least favorite of all 4 products because it is very easy to use too much.

What do I like more than a good deal? A great one! After I purchased these products, a friend of mine gave me these coupons. The nice people over at CVS did a price adjustment when I brought back my receipt the next day. So that made these 4 products only $16! Only $4 each!

I used all 4 products and gave myself a lovely blown out style. Do you like?

It even inspired my current Facebook profile picture and everyone knows that is a big deal.

The moral of the story is that I like these products and I like them more since I flexed my extreme couponing muscles. CVS has some really great deals on some great products. If you sign up for Beauty Club, you can get $5 back on every $50 you spend. That is how I got this free nail polish remover that I was bragging about last week.

Where do you like to get your deals? I want to hear about your couponing success stories!

If you like giveaways, make sure to enter to win this polish!
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