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Guest Post: Rumble Cosmetics


Rumble Cosmetics: “We believe in the fun of RUMBLE cosmetics and in being the original brand of the female fan!”

The Stephs have always had a passion for doing things that help others feel pretty and share their love for entrepreneurship. In January of 2012, Rumble Cosmetics was born, when Stephanie Nash was celebrating a bowl game with friends. As a K-State alum, she proudly put on her purple smoky eye, glittery pencil, shiny gloss and her vision of merging color cosmetics and the collegiate market was born. A phone call to Stephanie Mason soon followed, and one morning at Starbucks later, Mason was in on the same dream.

The following months included endless hours of research, product development, fundraising and getting approved by the universities to use their marks and become official licensees. Sacrificing all their time, sleep and money, The Stephs were committed to seeing this through.

The two Rumble founders have products ranging from glitter lip gloss, nail polish and an eye shadow shade box with various eye colors and eye liner. Naturally, I am a BIG football and basketball fan, so I use their products often as we get ready to show our stuff off at the tailgate! These products are not only available on 9thandelm.com, but come in a variety of packages for your University, not to mention, they give you a tutorial on how to apply as a Naughty or Nice Fan, which naturally I need, because I’m not the best makeup applier. Find their makeup available for these schools (Don’t see your school? No worries they are expanding as you are reading this and always take tips from their fans on where to design next!): K-State, KU, Mizzou, Texas A & M, Baylor, Oklahoma State, TCU, Iowa Hawkeyes, Nebraska, Iowa State, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, Auburn and University of Georgia. Prices: $18-$48

Keep it Handmade, Independent or Otherwise Cool! –Elly


Author bio: Bubbly and full of life, Elly Bethune, owner of Elly’s Couture and co-founder of 9thelm.com, lives and breathes fashion. She accessorized her collegiate career with a BA in Magazine Journalism and an obvious emphasis in Fashion. $1,000 Shopping Spree for Handmade Fashion!

9th & Elm is all about handmade and independent designers, not big faceless fashion that seems to be everywhere. Most people don’t want the same necklace that 10,000 other people across the country have, they want a unique piece that someone put thought into while designing and creating. That was the thought process that went into the development of 9thelm.com. We work with the best handmade and independent designers geared for the Fashionista.

Registration has now opened up and the countdown is on to our official launch. Your free membership will get you access to these exclusive deals from the best handmade and independent designers. In addition, when you sign up now you will get a chance at a $1000 shopping spree! Get registered now at http://9thelm.com!

Subtle Changes to Freshen Up your Spring Image

There are so many options for quick and easy (and fun!) ways to update your look without spending loads of time and money. I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time someone said they had too much time and money!

This video shares what I picked (so far!) for this Spring’s update. I am sure I will do a few more updates. What will you do? Share by commenting on the blog or video.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh yeah, and if you got a kick out of the flashback photo of me mid-video (circa 2007), you’re welcome. I know it gave me a little chuckle.

The Foiling Technique by guest Logan Greenwood

Thanks to our special guest artist, Logan Greenwood, for sharing how she did this foiling technique on a recent shoot with this model.

Foiling Technique for Makeup

I can’t wait to try this myself. Thanks, Logan for sharing and making it look so easy!

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YouTube Preview Image

If you love Pinterest, you can repin this picture or video so you can always have it to look back on when you are ready to do this look.

Have you tried this technique? Let us know if you have another way of applying it that you like better. If this inspires you to try it for the first time, let us know how it goes.

Thanks Logan! Isn’t she cute! Check out here other guest appearances on the YouTube channel, she has her very own playlist here. Subscribe!

Do you have a new technique you are dying to try? Let us know and we will show you how we would do it!