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Refreshed Style

Lately I have been having so much fun putting together my new outfits! The reason I am having so much fun is because these “new” outfits are put together mostly using some resurrected pieces that have been living deep in my closet for years.

I am not one to hoard clothes, I am pretty good about closet purging BUT there have a been a few things that I have held on to over the last few years that I just knew I would love again. For the last 3+ years I have been pregnant, post partum, nursing, then pregnant again, you get it. I am at the end of nursing and am getting close to that point of not having to constantly be available as a food source. I am also not getting spit up on all that much so I can wear nice clothes again.

Shopping in your closet is like getting FREE new clothes. Sometimes you just need a little help from someone (a pro!) with a fresh outside perspective.

I mentioned in my last post that my dear friend (and amazing wardrobe consultant) Joanna Avant had helped me find and style that cute Southwest looking dress. Here is another maternity dress that she showed me how to wear. I rocked this with some leggings and boots last week while bopping around to some client meetings and felt so chic! Can you believe that these were maternity dresses!?!?PicFrame

For the last few years, I have been loving my bootcut jeans, probably because I really love me some boots! But I am getting a little bored with the skinnies and boots all of the time and kind of miss the flares and bootcut jeans. What I struggle with here is what shoes to wear with a non skinny jean. What do you think of these new boots I just got off Zappos? 

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.02.40 PM

They have enough of a heel to give me some lift, maybe an inch or so. I just got these last week so I’m still playing around with how to style them. They are super cute with a legging or skinny and I think I can wear them with a skirt or dress but haven’t officially tried it yet.

This weekend I wore them with a pair of dark wash GAP bootcut jeans that I have had forever. They are super flattering and I’m excited because they finally fit again! Im glad I have these boots because they are that length that is too long for a flat shoe but too short for a heel.

These 7 for all Mankind flares have been in my closet for about 10 years. I love them so much! These are super long and super flared, which I feel like makes them super sassy. Given the length of these, they have to be worn with a good heel, so I can only wear them out on adult only adventures. My kids are too fast for me to chase them around in heels! I don’t get many adult outings right now so I jumped at the chance to wear them out for drinks with the girls last week.


I also resurrected these Gap bootcut dark wash jeans this weekend and wore them with some fun new ankle boots that I just got.

Even though I work as a wardrobe stylist (styling what people wear in photo shoots and for commercials), sometimes I struggle to dress myself. This is a fun commercial that I did wardrobe for last year. Did you notice that each of the guests party outfits get a little more wacky in each scene but they build on each other in a thoughtful and fu way? This was one of my favorite projects to design!
YouTube Preview Image
I love that I can tap Joanna’s genius to help get me out of my ruts and get me excited to dress myself again. I think we all get a little too distracted by our (perceived) flaws and insecurities instead of working with what you’ve got and owning your strengths. 2016 is my year of Refresh and Im excited to practice what I preach and refresh myself.

Are you ready to REFRESH Yo’ Self?!?!

After years of getting asked by friends and clients who don’t live near us, we have finally figured out how to share our skills using technology! We are only doing 12 of these and they are for sale thru Feb 14, or until they sell out, so they are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat! Buy your here!

UPDATE: There are only 6 spots left!


How fabulous would it be to have a team of pro stylists teach you how to streamline your morning routine (closet to caboodle) so you can start every day looking and feeling confident and put-together?  This service isn’t just for celebrities or the super-elite.  Joanna Avant, wardrobe consultant, and Emily Hudspeth Greenwald, make-up artist, can do this for YOU!  It doesn’t matter where you live — it’s all done via e-mail and Skype/FaceTime sessions!

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Get the ball rolling by completing a style questionnaire for each of us
  • Do some quick homework to prep for our virtual sessions
  • Hop online, and let’s “meet!”

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

  • 2 hours of virtual consultations (approximately 1 hour with each of us), during which we will answer your style questions, help you decide what to keep, what to trash/donate, what to invest in, and how to put it all together
  • A follow-up summary email with links to a few things for you to buy now
  • A printable worksheet for taking notes during our sessions
  • A huge boost in confidence that comes with feeling comfortable and put-together.  (Oh, and a good chuckle or two.  Possibly at our expense;)

Treat yourself or someone you love to The Refresh Sesh!  A Virtual Make-up and Wardrobe Edit.  

Grab one of the 6 spots before they are gone!




The Makeup Show NYC- 10th Anniversary Edition

If you have been following the Makeup Show, either their blog or Instagram, you know that this year is pretty special. Its the 10th Anniversary!


And I am going to be there! I didn’t think it was at all possible this year, since I am on maternity leave at the moment and staying home with my two little ones. But I took a chance, really put myself out there and now I have the opportunity to attend this special event. Im still pinching myself and may not believe that it is real until we get there.

Last year, I went to the Los Angeles show, there were so many blog posts about that adventure! Like this recap post. What a great trip! I’ve been to the New York show before but had to skip it last year because it was on the weekend of my son’s first birthday and I was not going to be away for that celebration!

When I saw they were calling for people to submit stories of how attending The Makeup Show impacted their career, it was last year’s journey to L.A. that inspired my submission. They were choosing the winning story to be the VIP guest at this year’s show in NYC and to be a part of the “special project” for the 10th anniversary celebration.  The winner also won a trip to NYC to attend the show and the Gala. How exciting!

On the day I had planned to write my story, 5 days before the deadline, I glanced back at the blog and noticed the deadline had been moved up….to that very day! I was so stressed but decided to pour my heart out, as quickly as possible, I didn’t have much time because my son was about to get up from nap and I wanted to get it in before it was too late.

The time crunch made me get real, I didn’t have time to over think it, I just wrote it and hit send. The next day, when I saw they extended the deadline for another week, I thought for sure that they read my story and thought it was so terrible they wanted to give people extra time to hopefully get something better.Oh well, I tried! And honestly, I was getting ready to have a new baby so I probably wouldn’t be able to go to the show anyway, so it was probably for the best that they didn’t pick me.

Imagine my surprise when I got the email saying they did pick my story…I was the WINNER!


Thank you to my friend, Sarah Kane Photography, for snapping this nice photo of me just before Sloane was born.

I almost didn’t believe it but it got more real when they announced it here on their blog and on Instagram. Sometimes I still can’t believe it and stress that they will change their mind!

This was such exciting news! Since I was still pregnant and laser focused on planning my first home birth (more on that later!), I really struggled to process that I had won. Honestly, I am still not 100% sure what I won. I know that I am going to the show and the gala and that my story will be published in the 10th Anniversary book. Since I wrote this so quickly and on a high of pregnancy emotions, I can’t even bring myself to reread what I submitted, out of fear that it is totally embarrassing. It wasn’t what I originally planned to send in but I guess it stood out enough to make me the winner.

Baby girl arrived, 2.5 weeks earlier than expected. The home birth went beautifully and I am trying to process how I am going to tackle this NYC adventure with a newborn. Almost 6 weeks later, I am still on a high from experiencing an incredible water birth in my bedroom with the most amazing midwife, doula and my husband at my side. Talk about the dream team! When I get a little panicked about traveling alone with her so soon, I think of how powerful and strong I felt at her birth and I know I can do this (and pretty much anything else!).

Just before she was born, I got an awesome gift, The Soothe shirt from Lalabu.com, I discovered this gem on Instagram. It has been my uniform and I get so many comments/compliments when I wear it with her. I’ve posted on Instagram a few times. It was perfect to continue to take the weekly pregnancy pics and use the stickers up to 40 weeks she had decided to pop out a bit early.


She will be 8 weeks old when we set out on this adventure. I would say she is probably the youngest girl at The Makeup Show this year! I will be bringing this shirt along for the trip and probably need to order another color since I wear it almost everyday! She will be nice and cozy so we will both be happy while I walk around and get my fill of education and inspiration at the show!

IMG_7647 She is still so tiny and I can’t bear to be away from her. I am nervous to take her but I know I am up for this challenge. I big part of the story that I submitted that won us this trip was that while I adore being a mother, one of the hardest parts (that I didn’t expect) was trying to figure out how to keep my identity and sense of self while trying to navigate parenthood.

Like most mamas, I want to be the best at this but I had spent the last 10+ years growing my career as a makeup artist/stylist and I’m not interested in walking away from that. The Makeup Show is a great place for motivation, inspiration and education. I look forward to what I will take away from this year’s experience there. Becoming a mama to my second child, this beautiful little girl and winning this experience with The Makeup Show has the wheels turning on how this new life phase I have entered will impact my brand as an artist.

For a long time I was trying to run my business and my life separately. It has become very clear to me in the last few years that my business and my family are both too important to me to keep separate. Stay tuned for changes as I give up the battle to keep them apart and experiment with merging these two identities.

More to come, the next few posts will include my wish lists for shopping at The Makeup Show and the classes and education I am planning to take. I will be talking about that here and on Money Making Makeup Artist. The last two times I was able to attend the blogger preview and social media events. I’m still crossing my fingers that I will get approved for one of the limited media passes. Then I will have even more behind the scenes excitement to report on. Would you like to see that?


Wish me luck! Both on my NYC adventure and the evolution of the brand! I welcome encouragement in the comment section.



Preparing for The Makeup Show, Los Angeles 2014

Its hard to believe that in a week, the Makeup Show L.A. will be over and I will be headed back to Richmond. There is so much to do before I head out for this exciting adventure. Which is great because that takes my mind off of waiting for them to announce the finalists for the Kevyn Aucoin Re-Making Faces competition.

For the last 2-3 weeks, I have been obsessing with perfecting my entry. My mind has been racing with every emotion under the sun. Every year there, in every city there is a face chart competition and the entries are always pretty darn amazing. Normally I would never even dare to think twice about entering, but this year was different. The original contest rules called for submitting a photo of a model, along with a face chart, of your teams reinterpretation of an iconic Kevyn Aucoin image.

Why would I never go near a competition like this? Because I can’t didn’t think I could do face charts. I have never worked anywhere that required them so I have never learned how to do them. The whole putting the makeup on paper thing was so bizarre to me and honestly I just didn’t really get it. I watched this interview on YouTube with Billy B. and he totally said the same thing, so that made me feel a bit better. I can’t even read my own handwriting or draw a stick figure either.

What made me want to go for it? I am not the only makeup artist who has been inspired by and looked up to Kevyn Aucoin. He is a role model to many people in this industry. But I always felt connected to him. Maybe because he grew up in a small town in Louisiana, near my little hometown in Louisiana. I figured if he could make it big and do great things, so could I. My longtime gal pal/partner in crime, Nell, gave me this for Christmas in 2003. I had just finished Aveda Institute and was about to move to Los Angeles to take over the word, at least that was my plan!

Nell writes the sweetest words..."To my Emily, the light of my life and my Kevyn Aucoin of hair. I am proud to know you. Love, Nell"

Nell writes the sweetest words…”To my Emily, the light of my life and my Kevyn Aucoin of hair. I am proud to know you. Love, Nell”

Everyone should have a friend like Nell. Someone who has known you forever and will always cheer you on when you most need. She is pretty fabulous and you will probably get a kick out of her blog (filled with amazing home decor tid bits). But I digress…

In addition to his amazing talent, what really made me want to be like him was the way he connected with people and how people talked about working with him. Yes, he was an amazing artist, but he touched people in a special way and really made them feel so beautiful. And that is far more impressive than simply creating beautiful things. I aspire to be remembered this way.



After 10+ years of following Kevyn and building my own beauty biz, I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity to stretch myself as an artist.

First my pal, the talented photographer/director, Todd Wright, agreed to be on my team. Then our friends over at Modelogic helped us out by booking the stunning Aubri to be the face. It was like the stars were aligning and insisting that I go for it.

So I went thru Kevyn’s books, about 1,000 times, trying find the image that spoke to me. It didn’t take long for Todd and I to decide on the Bird of Paradise image from the Face Forward book (page 160). I adore that glossy blue lip color!

"Birds of Paradise" from Face Forward

“Birds of Paradise” from Face Forward

Once our inspiration had been decided, we picked a date and everyone was on board. The dream team, me+Todd+Aubri. I knew with a strong model and photographer, I would have a really strong image. Then I would have to figure out the face chart business. And wow, all I can say is wow. My team rocks!


This is my reinterpretation of Kevyn’s Birds of Paradise. I kept the glossy lips but made mine emerald with a pop of gold and also added emerald around the eyes. I also kept the yellow and orange around the eyes but went with a stronger, more opaque color wash instead of sheer. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incorporate the feathers. After trying several options on myself, I decided to use these feather eyebrows I had made from a bag of loose, individual feathers (thanks Hobby Lobby!).

photo 1

Now to tackle that Face Chart. This was my big challenge.

As it turns out, just as I had suspected, you can teach yourself how to do pretty much anything by watching YouTube videos, visiting those talented MAC counter girls for tips and practicing 10,000 times. I am too embarrassed to even think about sharing the first few tries.  But I am very proud of the end result! I made this flipagram of the step by step process. If you saw it on my Instagram, please give it a like and let me know what you think! (I’m trying to figure out how to embed it…)


If you follow me on Instagram (seriously you probably should), you may have picked up on how excited I was to see that The Makeup Show had used my Face Chart in their post about the contest on Friday. The deadline has been extended tomorrow and they used MY  image to announce it! Ok, so that kind of feels like a solid win right there. I’m pretty proud of myself, considering I am the girl who can’t doesn’t do face charts!

Now I need to retire for the evening and get some much needed beauty sleep. Hopefully they will still announce the finalists on Monday, even though the deadline to enter has been extended to Monday. There is so much to be excited (and grateful) for this week. I can’t wait to attend the show and the extra blogger events that I got invited to attend. I hope my brain can hold all the info that I will try to absorb!

Its hard to believe that 10 years ago I moved to Los Angeles to start my life and career as a stylist. I learned so much in my time there and connected with some amazing people that I can’t wait to revisit. I will report back on everything ASAP.

Wish me luck! I can use all the good vibes I can get.


How I am investing in myself as a MUA in 2014

First of all, it has been some time since I have written here and I have sincerely miss it! Last May, our family expanded with the addition of a new little guy and I have been having so much fun with him that it has taken me a bit longer than expected to get back to the blog. If you have been keeping up with our adventures over on Instagram, you are no stranger to #babysilas and all of the cutest he brings us.  While I once had enough spare time to blog 5 days a week, I am going to make every effort to make a weekly appearance here for the next few months. Between being back to work on events and photoshoots plus chasing a baby around, doesnt leave time for much else.

Now that we are fully into 2014 (seriously how is it February already!), I am ready to tackle my goals list. I am going to share one with you today and it is all about investing in myself as an artist and a business owner. You may have seen this post over on my coaching blog, Money Making Makeup Artist, announcing my excitement for my upcoming trip to LA for the Makeup Show!


Awhile back (my 2012 recap post actually) I mentioned popping into the Makeup Show in New York City while I was in town for another event. It was amazing! I have been dying to get back to another Makeup Show ever since.

So this year, I am going to be attending the Makeup Show in Los Angeles! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. You can see more details and info on the other post here. Including the photo shoot competition that my team is prepping to enter. I am so excited that we get to pay homage to the great Kevyn Aucoin by presenting our reinvention of one of his iconic images.



For me 2014 is all about stepping up my game. Getting out there and taking it to the next level. I believe that attending an event like the Makeup Show is exactly what I need to refresh my energy as a makeup artist and stylist. Will you be attending? What are you most excited about?

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