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What is a Dermaroller?

As a stylist and a makeup artist (and all around girls girl), I am ALWAYS hearing about the latest and greatest in treatments and procedures. While I am currently not a fan of anything permanent, we will see if that changes in a few years!, when I started hearing about the Dermaroller, it caught my attention.

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what is a derma roller

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Explaining The Dermaroller Procedure

Everyone cares about their appearances.  When you have dimpled skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks, it can be hard to feel confident about yourself.  You feel like people are staring at your skin imperfections and wish there was a way to make them less noticeable.  These are things the Dermaroller can help reduce or even eliminate.

Underlying Causes of Skincare Issues

There are a number of things that cause unsightly skin problems.  Prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can result in blemishes.  Many pollutants are toxic to the skin and cause acne breakouts.  Worst is aging, which can leave the skin with wrinkles, age marks, stretch marks and so forth.  As a person gets older, their body stops producing the amount of elastin and collagen that are necessary to skin rejuvenation.

What Exactly is the Dermaroller Process?

Similar to acupuncture, Dermarollers are used to lightly puncture the skin using a hand-held device.  The process is also referred to as collagen induction therapy or micro-needling.  The Dermaroller has a head shaped like a rolling pin and covered in numerous medical grade needles.  It is rolled across the skin, making tiny punctures.

In response to the puncturing, your body uses the nearby pores to stimulate repair work on your skin.  Collagen and elastin are produced at that time to tighten and smooth your skin cells.  It can take as little as one week to observe the results of the treatment.  This procedure remodels the skin by inducing the body’s natural healing process.

Various Ways Dermaroller Treats Your Skin

There are a number of skin conditions the Dermaroller can help with.  Erasing time by reducing wrinkles is certainly one of the most common uses for micro-needling.  Skin dimpling and stretch marks may be reduced and possibly removed entirely using this procedure depending on how significant they are.

Dermarollers also work to reduce the appearance of small scars caused by surgery, acne, and burns.  Several treatments are required for the most effective result.  Always consult with your doctor before beginning such procedures, whether using a Dermaroller, cosmetic laser, or any other method.

Length of Treatments

Treatments via the Dermaroller will vary in length from fifteen to about forty-five minutes.  How large an area of the skin surface and how difficult the skin condition affects the time required.  While it may seem obvious, you need to consider that a very small area such as a finger will take far less than time than an area like the thigh.

Another option is to use a form of laser skincare treatment or cosmetic laser which may require fewer sessions than a Dermaroller, but it’s also far more painful and can be much more expensive.  You need to look at how much you can spend and how many treatments will be needed overall to determine which procedure is the better choice for yourself.  Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before undergoing any kind of procedures, then make your decision. 

What do you think? Would you try it? Let me know if you have or if you would, in the comments below!