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It has occurred to me that I have been slipping. I have been setting my goals and doing ok with reaching most of them. BUT, its been super hard. I finally figured out why. I rarely write them down anymore and I am not really putting them out there to be help accountable.

So last week, I share 3 goals. One personal, one health/wellness, and one business goal on the Money Making Makeup Artist site. One of them is a lofty 90 day goal and I need a little help with that one. That is where you guys come in. Would you like to help me out?How can I help you with your goals?

I am really excited about these workbooks and calendars that I have for 2013 goal setting. I can’t wait to jump in and get started. To say thank you for your help, I am giving away these tools over at Money Making Makeup Artist. Check it out here to enter.

These make great holiday gifts for those driven, goal setting folks in your life. You can get just the life or just the business ones, but I went all out and got both. Check it out here and let me know if you order one, we will do it together!

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