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7 things I love about European Wax Center

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2016! What a year it will be, I feel it in my bones. How about you?

Our trip to Miami was AH-mazing, like I can’t even describe it.  This trip came as a surprise (a work thing for my husband) and could not have come at a better time. Things have been crazy around our house. With two super active little kids and both of us working so much, we really needed this time away to connect with each other, reflect on our year and get excited about things to come. We are incredibly grateful for that experience.

My apologies for skipping a week, I am really trying to make sure to post at least weekly, sometimes a bit more. If you are signed up to get posts to your inbox, you will only get them on Tuesdays at 11am EST. Last week’s post should have been my 2015 recap but that one is kind of time consuming and I couldn’t pull it together trying to get ready for this trip.

Vacation Prep Priorities?!?!

What are yours? In the past, my prep would have been much more extensive and self indulgent.

I would have spent a lot of time shopping for new outfits, getting my hair and nails done and other personal care maintenance. Having two little ones and a demanding work schedule, I had to focus on the minimum and highest priority. I cut and colored my own hair, not ideal but it was the only way to get it done! I did my own nails, mani and pedi, and waxed my eyebrows (and upper lip, didn’t want to ring in the new year with a ‘stache!).

The one thing that I can not and will not do is wax other parts of my body.  I treated myself to 2 super cute bikinis, as mentioned in the last post, since I was feeling pretty good about my body after completing the Richmond Half Marathon, I wanted to take all of the steps to make sure I looked tidy.


I was super excited to see that a European Wax Center was opening up just down the street from my house. When we lived in Dallas, I used to go there and haven’t found a great place to go since I’ve been in Richmond. I have tried a few places that have good technicians that do a decent job but their scheduling is always a problem for me. It is so great to have EWC because they are super professional and make the entire experience as easy as possible.

A few things I love about it….

  1. You can book online! Seriously, how much easier can they make it?
  2. The new location is minutes from my house!
  3. They use their own line of wax and it really is almost pain free, for real!
  4. All they do is wax so technicians are very efficient and focused. Yay for specialization!
  5. Your first wax is FREE!
  6. They have a wax pass system, which lets you pre-purchase your appointments and save time and $$$! Those might be the two things everyone wants more of!
  7. They have their own line of products to enhance the experience. They aren’t pushy about it and give you samples of things to try.


I used both of these today and I am totally buying the wash on my next visit. It has a gentle exfoliating texture to it that I feel like will work wonders on preventing the ingrown hairs (those the worst, am I right!). The Exfoliate was lovely and reminded me of this Boscia Peel gel, that reminds me I need to blog about it, so Im considering just using that.

Both the body wash and the lotion work on all body hair (just don’t use it on your face!). I am totally going to use it on my legs, even though that is a shaving area, not something I wax. I will report back in a few weeks when I have had some time to access. The lotion feels pretty amazing on my skin. I just need to get in the habit of using it daily, otherwise I doubt you would see results.


I did buy the Slow It Body Lotion, which I haven’t started using yet but will be reporting back on how it works after my next visit. Both the technician and the receptionist told me the wash and lotion were their personal favorites!SlowItBodyLotion

Will you be trying the new European Wax Center? Make sure to tell them that I sent you! They are super cool about giving you points for your referrals, so many opportunities to make being a regular and loyal customer a little less expensive.

Oh and that makes me think this is an excellent place that my brides should know about! Don’t forget to tell them I sent you. And if you haven’t booked yet, I am only taking 6 brides this year. I have 3 spots left! I am updating the blog post here with dates until they are all gone. 

We are happy to be home, refreshed and excited to celebrate all things 2016! What are you most excited about for 2016?

Hello 2016!xoxo


Holiday (Bikini) Season

Merry Everything Ya’ll!

This has been a great year but it has really flown by, faster than any year before. Next up is my year in review and then I want to share some things we’ve got planned for 2016. Its going to be so, so good!

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We just wrapped up celebrating Hanukkah at our house and now we are moving into Christmas. There is no shortage of cookies and other treats in this house since Halloween (my all time favorite) and we had quite the spread for Thanksgiving. The Greenwald’s are a festive bunch to say the least!

Good thing I ran that half marathon in November or who knows what I would be looking like right now. Thanks for the motivation Sarah and Judy! IMG_9740

Which brings me to my little announcement. We are taking an unexpected trip to Miami next week!

Big Willy Style!

Big Willy Style!

I was not at all expecting to be showing this much skin during the winter months but from what I hear, South Beach is bringing the heat so I’ve got to up my game on so many levels. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be bikini shopping in December, at 35 years old, especially since I have spent the last 3 years pregnant or nursing. But here I go!

The day of the infamous Jumping Suit debut (did you miss that post? see it here) I realized that in order to pull of that look, I was going to need to work on my foundations, i.e. undergarments.  I tried on my pre pregnancy bras, they were too small….then tried on my one nursing bra (a good old J cup!) and it was too big, thank goodness. I needed something just right and I knew exactly where to go.

Blythe in Short Pump is THE place to go to be fitted for the right bra. The girls who work there are excellent and helping you find exactly what you need. The service there is on point! They are so sweet and helpful to me when I have been in there with Sloane, both when she was a newborn and recently when she wants to crawl all around the store.

That is where I found both of these fabulous Freya bikinis.FreyaBikini

Both have a fun retro feel. The black bottoms are slightly high waisted, very pin up chic and the blue bottoms are a fun cheeky cut. The tops have awesome support which makes me feel so much more confident because I am not worried about falling out and having any beach/pool wardrobe malfunctions. I would even where these to our neighborhood pool in the summer and could wear them with my hands full of babies that literally climb up me all day. Not cheap but worth every penny.

Hey 2016 brides, since we are leaving to celebrate New Years in Miami, anyone who is looking to save $50 on your trial run will need to book by December 27th. Available dates for January-July 2016 brides are here! Contact me thru the website here.

The timing was perfect for me to drop a small fortune in Blythe. I am so glad I got a good bra before the holiday party so I could feel extra confident in my jumpsuit. And I really needed it before our family pictures with Sarah Kane Photography. I would not have been able to pull of this fitted cream sweater without a decent bra. GreenwaldFamilyPortraitsRVA-

 My dear friend and amazing personal stylist, Joanna Avant, gives her clients some homework before they have a Wardrobe Revival with her. Part of that is having a good bra that fits properly. That can only happen if you’ve been fitted by a specialist within the past year. Joanna says (and I couldn’t agree more!), “Great clothes or not, its hard to feel confident and put together with ill fitting undergarments, sagging bits and VPL.”

She is a wise woman, that Joanna Avant. Stay tuned for a special package deal offering that we are putting together with insights from both of us. Make sure your significant other knows about it if this is on your wish list for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Bikinis and Christmas don’t usually go together but this year is an exception and I wouldn’t be terribly upset if it was the rule every year! Mama does love the beach!

You will see more from our trip on Instagram and Twitter. I will also be sharing some insight to what I packed, for wardrobe/hair/makeup to be efficient yet still fabulous. Let me know in the comments what you want to see in that post. Also, if you have a favorite spot on South Beach, let me know in the comments. This is my first time to party there!

Merry Christmas,



The Blue Jumping Suit….Courtesy of Rent the Runway

Last week was my husbands work holiday party and since I LOVE any occasion that calls for fancy dress, or in this case…fancy pants, I decided to have some fun and really go for it head to toe. I am pretty pleased with how it all came together and I wanted to share it!

I rented this “Jumping Suit” , as it became known at my house,  from Rent the Runway. I also rented these Kate Spade ear pins but they didn’t come in time. But that actually worked out fine because I got these fabulous ear jackets from Nordstrom and the sales girl gave this awesome idea to keep them fresh by adding any pair of studs to them!

Thanks !

Thanks !

I ended up wearing these Kate Spade ear jackets with a fun pair of studs I already had. My neighbor loaned me her gold sparkly pocket book which works great with my fancy Jessica Simpson shoes that are way too high for regular wear but oh so great for a fancy party! Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.54.24 PM

Because we don’t get out on the town much (we work ALOT and have two small children), we really make the most of these nights out. We stopped at Richmond’s new boutique hotel, Quirk and had a fabulous cocktail before heading out to the holiday party at the Jefferson Hotel. How lucky was I to run into Heather of Heather Michelle Photography who kindly snapped a pic of us and emailed it me after.

Thanks !

Thanks !

This picture makes me feel SO fancy. Thank you Heather!

Getting out of the house is kind of a miracle when you are wrangling a 9 month old and a 2.5 year old. In order to make getting ready seamless and efficient, I totally did a “trial run” of my hair since I don’t usually wear it this way. I needed to know exactly how long it would take me to style it and if these headbands I  bought from Francesca’s were going to work and actually be comfortable enough to wear all night.

IMG_9877I did this quick trial a few days before and texted it to my girlfriends to get some approval. I wasn’t sure if this was too over the top, even for me. They gave me the thumbs up so I went all out for the event.

Here is a quick unedited selfie from my bathroom. I had to get one last vote of approval from a fellow fashionista before I hit the town. I am so in love with these Kate Spade ear jackets and super grateful that the sales girl gave me the idea to switch up the studs! I also bought the all white version of the ear pins that I attempted to rent and they are super fabulous!

Hair and Makeup are my main gig and I do a little wardrobe for production too. But I doubt myself at times when it comes to my wardrobe selection. That is why I love having Joanna Avant, personal shopper, as a buddy. I love following her Instagram feed to see what cute stuff she is into. If you feel like you need some help in the shopping department or someone to do an audit of your closet, you should put her on your Christmas wish list! She has gift cards available, more about that here. 

I am launching Makeover Your Makeup Bag lessons in 2016 which will be a set of 3 appointments with me to clean out your cosmetics collection, do some shopping together and then show you how to use it. Joanna inspired me to make those available to you guys sooner than I had planned so you could put them on your Christmas list. Would you like that?

If you like this look and you are interested in seeing more details for how I put it all together, there will be a return of the YouTube tutorials on my channel next year. Let me know in the comments what you would like me to share in the tutorials. Feel free to ask for anything, hair/makeup/wardrobe related. Im down to do whatever.

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I have been taking a break from the blog for awhile but I am back at it with fun stuff that you won’t want to miss. Like special deals ($50 off for 2016 brides who book in December), or when I giveaway my new favorite shampoo and condoner (there are still a few days to enter here!) or when I share how I make one of my DIY sugar scrubs, which make great holiday gifts! I will be sharing a few more of those coming up soon!

Happy Holiday!




Save $50 off your bridal trial run

Can you tell I am excited?!?!?

Im in the holiday spirit and want to share a special treat with my sweet 2016 Spring brides who book their wedding hair and makeup with me in December.

We just found out that we are headed to Miami for NYE (YAY!) so please contact me to book before December 27th to take advantage of this $50 savings.

View More:

You can see the available dates here on this post.

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You will be getting little jewels like this sweet deal to save $50, a chance to enter to win a giveaway of my new favorite shampoo and conditioner (there are still a few days left!)  or read about how I made these awesome (and easy!) sugar scrubs for gifts.  Its all here and I don’t want you to miss a thing, so subscribe and lets stay in touch!


Im super excited about 2016. I’ve been spending the last few weeks of December making big plans for the upcoming year. Thanks for being a part of this with me. If there is anything that you want to see happen on the blog, on the YouTube channel or in our one on one client experience, let me know in the comments.

Happy Holidays



Available Wedding Dates for Spring/Summer 2016

Last week, I FINALLY posted some photos and behind the scenes from the amazing Wedding Collective Dream Wedding Giveaway we did at Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here!

View More:

We had SO much fun!

View More:

Ha! I have no idea what was happening at this moment but Katelyn James always has the BEST behind the scenes shots in her galleries.

For more info on the Wedding Collective, Be sure to check out this site with all the info on the vendors who shared their talents to make this happen.

Don’t miss my post there with 3 tips for brides when planning their hair and makeup for a special occasion.

I got a little distracted by my crazy face in this picture, now lets get back to the announcement…

2016 Spring Wedding Dates!

March 12,  26, 

April   30

May 14

June 4

July 30

Fall and Winter 2016 dates will be posted by April or May. I will update this list as dates get taken.

View More:

Please contact me here if you are interested in any of these dates and see this page for information on pricing and booking information. I look forward to getting to know you, working with you and having a lot of fun on your big day.