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Degrease and Moisturize..At the Same Time!


A HUGE thank you to the good folks at Maple Holistics for sending this fabulous shampoo and conditioner over for me to try out. And for hooking us up with a giveaway for a lucky winner to try, see the bottom for details!

Honestly I am almost never overwhelmingly WOW’d by shampoo/conditioner, but this one really blew me away.  Usually I feel like the scent or fragrance is usually the make or break factor in whether or not I want to purchase it again. As long as its fairly moisturizing and color safe, Im pretty ok with it. All major “issues” , i.e. frizz control, root lift or extra shine can be handled in the styling portion of the program.

But then came these guys….

mapleholisticsshampooandconditionerI had this product for a little while before I had the need to add any more shampoo/conditioner to my shower. One day I was headed to the gym with my kids and was planning to treat myself to a shower there while they were playing in the Kid Zone. Knowing that I need to pack some color safe shampoo/conditioner and not do an emergency wash with the head to toe, all in one body wash/shampoo, I threw this in my bag and hit the road.  I mean, I can pretty much bet that whatever is in that soap dispenser is NOT color safe. 

After a pretty intense workout and a few days since the last shampoo, I was ready to lather up! Usually when my hair is on the oilier side, I have to shampoo twice but I only had to use the Degrease shampoo once! It instantly got my hair and scalp clean and smelling fresh without feeling stripped or dried out.


I wouldn’t call my scalp itchy but at times it is pretty darn oily and down right greasy. I love that the Degrease shampoo is a homeopathic, sulfate free formula that is super cleansing. It has a naturally antibacterial formula that stimulates circulation while still being incredibly hydrating.  It has a fresh, clean scent too!

As to be expected, I followed my shampoo with the conditioner. I am guessing that is what we all do!

The Argan conditioner is fragrance free, silicone free and sulfate free. It includes argan oil, jojoba, aloe vera, shea butter, pomegranate, green tea, sea buckhorn and hibiscus packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids. The botanical keratin helps maintain strong and healthy strands and prevent breakage. For best results, leave in for a few minutes.

What caught my attention and made me fall in love with this product was how soft and shiny my hair was after one quick shampoo in the gym shower. I didn’t use any product after but instead just rough dried it with the cheapie locker room hair dryer and my hands. Normally my hair is a bit frizzy and pretty much a hot mess if I don’t give it some love in the drying portion of styling.

I snapped this quick selfie to show you how smooth it was, even on a hot, sticky, humid day in Virginia! I had to include this sweet baby girl of mine because she has the best hair ever!

IMG_9761For a product made with these high quality ingredients, it is surprisingly affordable, less than $10!

But because you are awesome, we are giving someone a free shampoo and conditioner. Enter below. Available for the US only. Everyone can get a free product by requesting theirs here. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, they also sent me the Vitamin C serum to try. Now that I am a certain age, I desperately need to be more diligent about my skin care. Products like this are best when used daily over a period of time since the benefits are cumulative. I haven’t been great at using this every day but I have been using it several times a week and I can see a visible improvement in the texture and clarity of my complexion.



NuNAAT Garlic Magic

You may have seen Instagram post recently about the new products from NuNAAT that I was excited to try out. I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is, wwww, garlic? I don’t want to smell like garlic! Rosemary Mint, maybe but garlic, no thanks! Well, I’ve been using these products for about 2 weeks and I’m ready to report back.
The NAAT Garlic Magic line is amazing! Aside from the magical fact, that it does NOT contain a garlic smell from the garlic extract, it has fabulous benefits including:
-Restoring hair to a strong, healthy and natural state. Which is much needed on my chemical challenged locks!
-Formulated with garlic extract
-Fresh, clean scent. No garlic smell! Seriously, not a trace of garlic. Just a light, clean scent.
-Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
-Suitable for all hair types.
-Ideal for slow-to-grow and fragile hair. Perfect for me!
nunaat hair
You may be wondering, why garlic? What is the benefit?
Garlic is a naturally powerful antibiotic that removes harmful toxins and offers relief to the dry, itchy scalp. When crushed, garlic releases an enzyme known as alliinase, which stimulates blood flow, strengthening hair and reducing breakage. It is also known to increase body and shine. But…who wants to smell like garlic all day!? nuNAAT has developed a unique way of processing the garlic extract in their NAAT Garlic collection so that there is NO garlic smell. In fact, the whole collection has a very pleasant fragrance that will leave your scalp healthy and hair growing strong.
Thanks Sarah Kane for this gorgeous photo from our recent shoot together! Photo linked to her blog post!

Thanks Sarah Kane for this gorgeous photo from our recent shoot together! Photo linked to her blog post!

My hair is currently extremely chemically processed. Even when it is not so crispy (to put it nicely), it doesn’t grow very quickly. Im not losing it to breakage or heat styling damage, it just doesn’t grow! Very frustrating! So I’m excited to use the Garlic Magic for longer than 2 weeks to see if I see any changes there. Not that I am trying to grow it super long again any time soon.

Right now I am super busy with an almost 2 year old and about to have a newborn. I am not working out quite as much as I do when I have a better handle on life. With my hair shorter, like this, I don’t really wear it curly very often. Drying it smooth isn’t super hard or time consuming at this length. But I don’t love doing it so I try to shampoo as little as possible. Like maybe once or twice a week.

For the last 2 weeks I have been using these products, I have been really happy with the results. I do feel like my hair is in great condition, not overly moisturized but just enough. I also feel like I can still go a few days in between shampooing. So far, I have nothing but good things to report.

Thanks so much to NuNAAT for giving me the opportunity to try these products and give some feedback. For more information on the Garlic Magic line, check out their website here. You can find label ingredients here.


You can purchase online here. Or find a store near you here.

Want to follow NuNAAT and learn more?

Facebook: @nunaat

Twitter:  @nunaat

Instagram:  @nunaatbeauty

nunaat condition
Thanks NuNAAT!

Firmoo Fashion Frames


You may have seen this post of my selfie on Instagram a week or so ago. I posted this the day my new glasses came from my friends at

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them and most people say, “oh, I didn’t know you wore glasses?” and I actually don’t wear them! But when Firmoo contacted me and asked if I wanted to review a pair, I jumped at the chance. I had been considering getting some fashion frames for some time but hadn’t made the leap.

Ordering your frames, prescription or non-prescription, is super easy! There are so many to choose from. You can upload a photo to their website to “try them on” to see what they look like. They have men’s, women’s and even sunglasses!


Of course, it took forever for me to choose a pair, probably because there are so many cute options. But I LOVE these, I love the basic black and kind of funky, cool shape with the surprise of the white legs. So fun!

If you are not used to wearing glasses, it can be a bit of an adjustment. I think it is kind of like getting used to false lashes, you just have to adjust to the weight of a strange object on your face that isn’t normally there. The only thing I am used to wearing regularly is sunglasses so the first day I got them, it was weird to wear them during the day and into the evening. I felt like I should take them off when it got dark and when I went inside places! Now I am kind of more used to them but sometimes it still feels a little strange at times.

One thing that I think is super fun is that these glasses are a totally fun, new look that I can play with a few times a week. And the reaction that I always get, after people say how cute they are, is that they didn’t know I wore glasses! Because of the excellent quality of these frames, no one can tell that they are total falsies! Which makes it even more fun, right?

What do you think of my new look? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Would you wear falsies? Would you admit they were just for fun or say thanks and keep on stepping.


If you want to order your own, use this link to get 50% off your choice of frames site wide. All other links shared are affiliate links.


Surprise Proposal. Perfect for a Photography Workshop!

Our beautiful “bride” model, the sister of our talented floral designer (Amanda Veronee), thought she was just going to play dress up with her boyfriend and smile pretty for the cameras when she came to Katelyn James, The Workshop Experience in November.

View More:

But she was in for a surprise when he got down on one knee and turned their modeling gig into the proposal of a lifetime!

View More:

View More:

She said YES!

View More:

We were all in on the secret, all of the attendees for the workshop and the vendors. I wasn’t able to stay for the big moment but I was getting regular updates from those on the inside.

View More:
View More: View More: View More:
View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

It is an honor to work on these shoots with Katelyn and our dream team of vendors a few times a year. It is so impressive to see the talents of my creative friends and peers come together to create the scene for these beautiful images that we get to use in our portfolios.

View More:

You can see more of these images on Inspired By This Blog here in the proposal section!

Shouts out to these amazing vendors

Katelyn James Photography

Amanda Veronee, floral design

Katherine Elizabeth Bridal, dress

Paisley and Jade, vintage rentals

Sweet Pear Paper, custom paper floral backdrop

As always, hair and makeup by me, Emily Hudspeth. 

Seeing these features and adding these images to my website and Instagram always get me excited about the upcoming workshop. Next one is in February!

More on the proposal and the workshop details are on Katelyn’s blog here. 

Can I get your help choosing favorites to add to my portfolio on the website?

Tell me your favorites in comments and help me choose. They are all so beautiful, its hard to choose!





It is FINALLY here! The website update is live!

Can you tell that I am a little excited!?!?! I am trying to play it cool but with MUCH sweat and tears, mostly tears, the new website is FINALLY here and I am pretty darn proud of it.

As a creative person and super busy working artist,  I am not a techy expert. I really struggle in this department. Thankfully I pulled in some support from good friends who gave me their perspective. Between that and searching for answers in the Squarespace forums, emailing them for help and spending hours on the phone with tech support, it is done.

Some things you may notice are new images in the portfolios, it had been awhile since I had added new images. The old website wasn’t on the easiest platform for me to manage. Squarespace is MUCH easier. My last website and blog had my photo from 2010 and I had long dark hair with purple bangs! I have probably had 1,000 hair changes since then. Shouts out to my husband for taking a nice photo of me to add to my about me page. 


This was one of 3 big projects that I am trying to work on before the end of the year. I will update you on the last two when they are complete. I am on a roll now! Im hoping to get the next one started before my birthday, at the end of the month.

In honor of my birthday month, and accomplishing this big goal, I want to give you a treat. Some really great Smashbox makeup goodies!!!

All you need to do is check out the new website here. And leave a comment to let me know what you think. Feel free to point out any spelling errors or broken links or anything that I need to get cleaned up.

Congrats to Nell and Kelley! The 2 winners of the Smashbox kits that we gave away this week!!!!!

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I want to give a big old thank you to my dearest of dear friends who took the time to edit and proofread to catch my spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Why is it that you can reread your own writing 1 million times and not see that you typed the twice or spaced things weird. You need those fresh eyes to catch those mistakes that your eyes just won’t see. THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Have you missed me here? When my son was born last year and life got so busy after I went back to work, I neglected the blog. I used to post daily but now I am going for 1-2 solid posts per month. I would love to know what type of posts or videos you would like to see from me now? I am also working hard to update content at Money Making Makeup Artist.

Are you interested in working together on an upcoming photo or video shoot? Send me a message here and I will check availability. Thanks!