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CO2 Fighting Fit!

When I got the opportunity to do a sponsored post for Richmond #girlboss Seo Kellher ,I was over the moon excited for a few reasons. And not just because of my deep, deep love of active wear.

Not shown in these photos are my super awesome electric blue Reebok high-tops and orange leg warmers. Yes I went in public like this, on multiple occasions.

Not shown in these photos are my super awesome electric blue Reebok high-tops and orange leg warmers. Yes I went in public like this, on multiple occasions. One of these times I was pregnant with Silas and Jeff was dressed as Richard Simmons.


Use the code EH15 to get 20% off your download

#1. I am always looking for a fresh, new workout.

#2. Supporting my fellow #girlboss ladies and their awesome empires rocks!

#3. Straight out of Richmond. Seo is cutting edge with the latest workouts she leads at Turn Cardio Jam Studio in Scotts Addition.

Make sure to follow CO2Fit  on Instagram, she has a super inspirational feed that will get you moving!

I couldn’t say yes fast enough when this opportunity came to me. I was especially excited when I found out that my girl Joanna Avant, personal shopper/stylist and blogger was also on board. Since we were also in the midst of cooking up a little package that we are putting together for Valentine’ Day (alert your sweethearts if a style session is on your wish list!), we decided to do the video together one day.

So we set up camp right here in her kitchen and used her computer because we are both tech challenged and could not figure out how to be fancy and stream it onto the tv. I am sure our husbands or some neighborhood teenagers could have done it in their sleep but we didn’t have time to find them and make them work for us.



This is Seo’s first video and I think she really did a great job! It is perfect for those days when you can’t get to the gym or when the weather is too cold/hot. It is 20 degrees in Richmond today and we are getting ready for a ton of snow so I think I will be doing this video often.

It is for all ages and fitness levels so don’t be afraid to try this! What I love about it is that it is broken into three 15 minute sessions with an ab workout in each session. You can just do one 15 session if you are in a time crunch or if you want a new way to warm up for a run. Or you can do all three sessions for a complete workout.


Seo is an excellent instructor and she has two other people working out with her in each session that demo a higher or lower impact option for you to choose. The moves are repetitive so it doesn’t take long to catch on to the sequence once you get going. Even I could do it and I am always struggling with my right and left and following instructions (and other things you should really be good at after elementary school).

To be 100% honest….I wasnt sure this was going to be a real kick a$$ workout that I needed that day so I went to the gym before and did Fight class, my favorite cardio boxing class. Joanna did a 5:30am bootcamp at the YMCA. Turns out we were very wrong to underestimate how much of a workout this was! If it were up to me, I would have totally skimped and not done all three sessions or only done them halfway, but Joanna pushed me, I mean encouraged me, to give it my all. I was so sore that I could barely walk for days!


What did we think?

After having done the video and gotten the sequence down, I can really up my effort and push myself to sweat even harder. The only thing I don’t love is that there is no music to jam to but I solved that by adding some Pandora in the background. Thank you so much Seo for the opportunity to try your new workout video. I can’t wait to make it out to Turn Cardio Jam Studio to check out some other fun classes. I really want to try Dance Trance!

I highly recommend this for all fitness levels! I am especially grateful to have this as an indoor option this winter. Download your copy here and use the code EH15 to save 20%!

Let me know how you like it. And if you are in Richmond, lets go take a Seo class together!



My 1 Word for 2016! Refresh.

So many people that I know have a hard time coming up with their 1 word of the year and some people have a couple of them (which I don’t think is the point since its supposed to be 1 word!). But there is always one word that totally stands out in the crowd for me, depending on what we have going on.

 ENERGY! was my word for 2015

Why did I pick energy? Because I was at the end of my pregnancy with Sloane and it had been a rough road. I had absolutely zero energy and I desperately needed some (still do!). For me, choosing my word or feeling is about how I will approach decisions and opportunities.

In 2015 it was important to me to say yes to things that would give me more energy and to say not no, but HELL NO to things that unnecessarily zapped my energy. Getting in and out of the car took a lot of energy toward the end of that pregnancy and that 18 hour intense home birth labor REALLY took some energy but those aren’t things you can say no to. But people or activities that drained me were easy to say no to. I didn’t have to think twice!

2016 is the year of REFRESH

As I write this, baby Sloane is growing up so fast, too fast. She is 10 months old and started her first day of daycare yesterday. She is really killing it. Girlfriend can hold her own in a crowd, she’s a tough cookie and I love that about her. I had the opportunity to stay home with her a bit more than I did with Silas and now that she is a bit older she just doesn’t need me as much. Its bittersweet.

I am ready to get back to work. I have been working, taking jobs here and there since she was 6 weeks old, doing what I have been doing for awhile now, some weddings and mostly commercial production. All the while, for the last 3 years, I have been keeping a notebook (or 10!) with ideas about how I want my business and this blog to change and grow. Now I have the time to dedicate to that.

crush-2Im still not sure exactly how all of this is going to play out. I am working on getting it all organized in my head and on paper. I am so ready to take action, major action, but I want it to be just right! Here are some things you can expect.

  1. I will be Emily Hudspeth Greenwald! Which is hilarious because that has legally been my name for almost 5 years now but I am embracing calling myself that now. You will see my email signature and a few other things change. Every year I say I am doing it but this year its real!
  2. Just before I got pregnant with Silas, 3+ years ago, I had this genius idea to launch a blog/website/resource for aspiring hair/makeup/creative entrepreneurs who wanted to go pro. To take their passion and turn it into a business. In that time, I have had 2 babies! Which turns out is a even more work that I thought it would be. I kept Money Making Makeup Artist going but didn’t have the time or energy that I expected to be able to create and grow what I wanted. At times it was super overwhelming so finally, I just let it rest for a bit. The rest was perfect! It gave me the space to see what was important and what my heart wanted to create to serve this community that really lacks a resource like this. And just like that…it hit me, I need to put more of myself into that brand. So keep a look out for that blog and this blog to merge and get a new living space to share together.
  3. This blog has been around since 2008, when my life long girlfriend, Nell, told me that I needed a blog. Since I tend to try anything 3 times, and say sure why not to whatever she suggests (good call, I did look good in those bangs I cut in our dorm room back in the days of Blake Hall!), I started this blog and had NO idea why I was doing it or how it would serve me. In the last 8 years I have learned so much about blogging (and have so much more to learn) and am so grateful for the opportunities that it has given me. I mean, lets me honest, someone like me needs a space to communicate because I just have SO SO SO much to say. But in this season of my life, being 35 year old married lady with two fabulous kids, it is time once again for my business and these blogs to pivot and evolve with me.

Your invited! To come along for the ride as I, Emily Jo Hudspeth Greenwald,  breathe new life into my  business and give her a little makeover. As usual, I have no idea what I am doing but I am all about figuring it out align the way. Maybe it will be inspiring and give you the push to reinvent one of your own project.  Or maybe it will be full on train wreck. Either way I am sure there are going to be a whole bunch of learning lessons for us all.

Warning: I will be keeping it real REAL along the way. You may love it (I hope so!) or maybe not (and that’s ok too).

I want to know what is your one word from this year AND last year and how do they differ, if they do at all? My words are different but they come down to the same core principals. Choosing my actions (personal and work projects) that give more life and love to my family and business and myself. Share your thoughts in the comments!



Holiday (Bikini) Season

Merry Everything Ya’ll!

This has been a great year but it has really flown by, faster than any year before. Next up is my year in review and then I want to share some things we’ve got planned for 2016. Its going to be so, so good!

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We just wrapped up celebrating Hanukkah at our house and now we are moving into Christmas. There is no shortage of cookies and other treats in this house since Halloween (my all time favorite) and we had quite the spread for Thanksgiving. The Greenwald’s are a festive bunch to say the least!

Good thing I ran that half marathon in November or who knows what I would be looking like right now. Thanks for the motivation Sarah and Judy! IMG_9740

Which brings me to my little announcement. We are taking an unexpected trip to Miami next week!

Big Willy Style!

Big Willy Style!

I was not at all expecting to be showing this much skin during the winter months but from what I hear, South Beach is bringing the heat so I’ve got to up my game on so many levels. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be bikini shopping in December, at 35 years old, especially since I have spent the last 3 years pregnant or nursing. But here I go!

The day of the infamous Jumping Suit debut (did you miss that post? see it here) I realized that in order to pull of that look, I was going to need to work on my foundations, i.e. undergarments.  I tried on my pre pregnancy bras, they were too small….then tried on my one nursing bra (a good old J cup!) and it was too big, thank goodness. I needed something just right and I knew exactly where to go.

Blythe in Short Pump is THE place to go to be fitted for the right bra. The girls who work there are excellent and helping you find exactly what you need. The service there is on point! They are so sweet and helpful to me when I have been in there with Sloane, both when she was a newborn and recently when she wants to crawl all around the store.

That is where I found both of these fabulous Freya bikinis.FreyaBikini

Both have a fun retro feel. The black bottoms are slightly high waisted, very pin up chic and the blue bottoms are a fun cheeky cut. The tops have awesome support which makes me feel so much more confident because I am not worried about falling out and having any beach/pool wardrobe malfunctions. I would even where these to our neighborhood pool in the summer and could wear them with my hands full of babies that literally climb up me all day. Not cheap but worth every penny.

Hey 2016 brides, since we are leaving to celebrate New Years in Miami, anyone who is looking to save $50 on your trial run will need to book by December 27th. Available dates for January-July 2016 brides are here! Contact me thru the website here.

The timing was perfect for me to drop a small fortune in Blythe. I am so glad I got a good bra before the holiday party so I could feel extra confident in my jumpsuit. And I really needed it before our family pictures with Sarah Kane Photography. I would not have been able to pull of this fitted cream sweater without a decent bra. GreenwaldFamilyPortraitsRVA-

 My dear friend and amazing personal stylist, Joanna Avant, gives her clients some homework before they have a Wardrobe Revival with her. Part of that is having a good bra that fits properly. That can only happen if you’ve been fitted by a specialist within the past year. Joanna says (and I couldn’t agree more!), “Great clothes or not, its hard to feel confident and put together with ill fitting undergarments, sagging bits and VPL.”

She is a wise woman, that Joanna Avant. Stay tuned for a special package deal offering that we are putting together with insights from both of us. Make sure your significant other knows about it if this is on your wish list for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Bikinis and Christmas don’t usually go together but this year is an exception and I wouldn’t be terribly upset if it was the rule every year! Mama does love the beach!

You will see more from our trip on Instagram and Twitter. I will also be sharing some insight to what I packed, for wardrobe/hair/makeup to be efficient yet still fabulous. Let me know in the comments what you want to see in that post. Also, if you have a favorite spot on South Beach, let me know in the comments. This is my first time to party there!

Merry Christmas,



Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

Its the holiday season (yay!) and I have been making and giving out some fun and easy little gifts for some special people that share kindness with our family on a regular basis.

These are SO easy and use things you likely already have in your house. People LOVE them. You may remember the coconut scrubs that we made for part of my son’s school project for Thanksgiving. You can see that fun little project and the recipe for that scrub here.


A few years ago, my  mom told me that she made this great scrubs for the ladies in her garden club.

This is SO easy because the Dawn Hand Renewal already smells delicious and is a pretty color. But I was in classic overdrive mode so I added some vanilla fragrance oil and red food coloring to really step up its festiveness. 
What I love about this (besides EVERYTHING) is that is makes a great full body scrub and wash. The sugar and the Olay Hand Renewal are super moisturizing while also exfoliating. And since it creates a nice lather, it makes an incredible shaving product.

Try this for the smoothest shave ever, seriously!


Silas is super into his stickers and love decorating these before he gives them to his friends. We are deep into Hanukkah celebrations in our house this week, hence the blue and silver. Next week we go red and gold!

Another option with things you already have in your pantry is a lip scrub and everyone needs a good lip scrub when the weather starts to get a little chilly and our lips dry out. Its just olive oil and sugar!DSC_0046Last week we had our family portraits taken by the fabulous Sarah Kane Photography. She is the talented lated who took my maternity photos and newborn session for Sloane. I just went back to look at her post from the newborn photos she took and I totally teared up!

The other day I realized that she is 9 months old and I haven’t had any pictures taken of her since her newborn session so I immediately reached out to Sarah and was thrilled when she said she had one spot left in her holiday mini sessions! Here is a little sneak peek we got and I gotta say, Im just in love with her work once again.


These photos were taken the day after Jeff’s holiday party (with the infamous jumping suit) and to say I was not feeling the most merry and bright is an understatement! Thankfully I am pretty ok at this hair and makeup thing and covered up the scars of too little sleep and one too many glasses of wine. I guess I was feeling a little too hot, hot, hot in these fancy pants of mine.

We were so grateful to snag that spot that we made her some lip scrubs to say thank you before heading out. Love her and can’t wait to show off more of the sweet photos she took of our family!


Sometimes with the lip scrubs, I will throw in some brown sugar. I like that the brown sugar softens texture a little bit and gives a yummy smell and taste, since you are probably going to get some in your mouth!


I also made some for Silas’s preschool teachers and popped them into holiday coffee mugs with some candy canes and fun cards. The LOVED them! DSC_0036

These come in handy regularly, not just in the holiday season. They make a great little hostess gift, client gift or  something nice to treat yourself with! What would you use these for? Share your ideas in the comments!

If you know someone who would like this, share this post with a friend! If you are a bride looking for 2016 dates, they have been updated on this post here. Anyone who books before the end of 2015 will get $50 off your trial run.

We are leaving for Miami on the 29th to ring in the New Year so make sure to book by Monday December 28th to save!




Save $50 off your bridal trial run

Can you tell I am excited?!?!?

Im in the holiday spirit and want to share a special treat with my sweet 2016 Spring brides who book their wedding hair and makeup with me in December.

We just found out that we are headed to Miami for NYE (YAY!) so please contact me to book before December 27th to take advantage of this $50 savings.

View More:

You can see the available dates here on this post.

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Im super excited about 2016. I’ve been spending the last few weeks of December making big plans for the upcoming year. Thanks for being a part of this with me. If there is anything that you want to see happen on the blog, on the YouTube channel or in our one on one client experience, let me know in the comments.

Happy Holidays