Degrease and Moisturize..At the Same Time!


A HUGE thank you to the good folks at Maple Holistics for sending this fabulous shampoo and conditioner over for me to try out. And for hooking us up with a giveaway for a lucky winner to try, see the bottom for details!

Honestly I am almost never overwhelmingly WOW’d by shampoo/conditioner, but this one really blew me away.  Usually I feel like the scent or fragrance is usually the make or break factor in whether or not I want to purchase it again. As long as its fairly moisturizing and color safe, Im pretty ok with it. All major “issues” , i.e. frizz control, root lift or extra shine can be handled in the styling portion of the program.

But then came these guys….

mapleholisticsshampooandconditionerI had this product for a little while before I had the need to add any more shampoo/conditioner to my shower. One day I was headed to the gym with my kids and was planning to treat myself to a shower there while they were playing in the Kid Zone. Knowing that I need to pack some color safe shampoo/conditioner and not do an emergency wash with the head to toe, all in one body wash/shampoo, I threw this in my bag and hit the road.  I mean, I can pretty much bet that whatever is in that soap dispenser is NOT color safe. 

After a pretty intense workout and a few days since the last shampoo, I was ready to lather up! Usually when my hair is on the oilier side, I have to shampoo twice but I only had to use the Degrease shampoo once! It instantly got my hair and scalp clean and smelling fresh without feeling stripped or dried out.


I wouldn’t call my scalp itchy but at times it is pretty darn oily and down right greasy. I love that the Degrease shampoo is a homeopathic, sulfate free formula that is super cleansing. It has a naturally antibacterial formula that stimulates circulation while still being incredibly hydrating.  It has a fresh, clean scent too!

As to be expected, I followed my shampoo with the conditioner. I am guessing that is what we all do!

The Argan conditioner is fragrance free, silicone free and sulfate free. It includes argan oil, jojoba, aloe vera, shea butter, pomegranate, green tea, sea buckhorn and hibiscus packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids. The botanical keratin helps maintain strong and healthy strands and prevent breakage. For best results, leave in for a few minutes.

What caught my attention and made me fall in love with this product was how soft and shiny my hair was after one quick shampoo in the gym shower. I didn’t use any product after but instead just rough dried it with the cheapie locker room hair dryer and my hands. Normally my hair is a bit frizzy and pretty much a hot mess if I don’t give it some love in the drying portion of styling.

I snapped this quick selfie to show you how smooth it was, even on a hot, sticky, humid day in Virginia! I had to include this sweet baby girl of mine because she has the best hair ever!

IMG_9761For a product made with these high quality ingredients, it is surprisingly affordable, less than $10!

But because you are awesome, we are giving someone a free shampoo and conditioner. Enter below. Available for the US only. Everyone can get a free product by requesting theirs here. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, they also sent me the Vitamin C serum to try. Now that I am a certain age, I desperately need to be more diligent about my skin care. Products like this are best when used daily over a period of time since the benefits are cumulative. I haven’t been great at using this every day but I have been using it several times a week and I can see a visible improvement in the texture and clarity of my complexion.



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17 thoughts on “Degrease and Moisturize..At the Same Time!

  1. Heather

    I’m glad this worked out. I remember your IG pic of the bottle when you first got it. You’re hair looks great, obvi not as great as Sloane’s but whose would?
    I’ll definitely share the giveaway with others, seems like a great product.


    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks! Sloane really does have the best hair ever. Everything about her is pretty amazing:) If I do say so myself.

  2. Melissa Farmer

    Hopefully trying this out would help me not wash every day to avoid grease – which is probably just making it worse anyhow!

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Yes, everyday shampoo is not the best. But it takes some time to get used it not doing it, especially if you work out a lot. This is kind of weird but you can wash just at your hairline/bangs to give it a refresh after a work out then dry shampoo the rest and blow-dry to resest. That will help save you some time and get you and your hair used to skipping a shampoo!

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  4. Cindy Bennett

    I’d love to try it! Always looking for great new products, and if it saves me time and makes my hair look awesome… (obv not as awesome as Sloane’s, but, we do what we can!)

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      I feel like you would really like this Judy, especially to alternate with a protein shampoo/conditioner.

  5. Loraine

    I have been hearing more and more about Maple Holistics. I really want to try it because I like the size of the bottle- plus people seem to like the scent and wash!


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