Time to create digital products!

Like I mentioned in my last post, the one celebrating the relaunch of my website, that was one of my three goals I have been working to get crossed off in 2014.  Yay! I think it came together quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and helped me proofread and get everything perfect. Congrats to Kelley and Nell, the winners of the 2 Smashbox kits that I gave away on that post.

A few people have asked what is next? What are the other 2 big things I am trying to accomplish this year? Well, both involve April Bowles-Olin with Blacksburg Belle, a fellow creative lady entrepreneur also in VA.


One of the things I want to do is more personal than professional, I am looking to launch a lifestyle blog that is more of a creative outlet and something to do in all my non-existent spare time. Just as soon as I can sit down for 5 seconds, I am going to take April’s Creative Live Course on how to Build a Successful Creative Blog.  This is an older class of hers that I have already purchased and will be using all the info she dishes to launch the new venture. Im thinking that she is probably going to have plenty of magic sparkles of genius for me to incorporate there and also jazz up this old blog and probably Money Making Makeup Artist too!


Speaking of Money Making Makeup Artist, that is what my next project is about! That was born just before I got pregnant with Silas and was thinking of ways to work a little differently than I had been doing for years before. I am constantly getting messages on social media and emails from girls and guys who want to start their own successful businesses as stylists/ makeup artists and want to know how I have done it. I LOVE to talk business and entrepreneurship strategies! I love it as much or more some days, than doing hair and makeup, if you can believe that!

Without much a plan, I decided I was going to create a program to help people do exactly what I have done. I launched said program and it was pretty successful, but much more work than the passive stream of income I was hoping to generate. Thru some trial and error, which is the way I approach most things, I learned that what I needed first was to create some digital products that people could buy and do on their own before committing to 6 weeks of Emily bootcamp. The program was great but it was not inexpensive and required a big time commitment from both myself and the participants. It was a big chunk to take on. Which brings us to…

Why I want to learn how to create and sell digital products?

1. People want and need this information!  People are adding onto the email list MMMUA and emailing me everyday for help and I need to create a way to efficiently give them this information in a way that is easy for them to access.

2. I have already created the content! I think the program that I had created before was awesome but too much to bite off for someone just getting started. So I have reformulated it into snack sized portions so people can digest little by little and get the information as needed. If they have the digital info this way, they can do it in their own time and not need me to walk them thru it.

3. Selling digital products will help me help more people without them making a huge investment! Don’t get me wrong, I think you need to invest in yourself if you want to grow into that dream you’ve got. But I want to get this information to as many people as possible and having a big ticket 6-8 week course wasn’t getting the info into as many hands as I had hoped.

Being a freelance stylist and makeup artist is an awesome job and I am so grateful for all the cool experiences that I have had because of it. BUT I am not as young and spry as I was a decade ago and I find myself wanting to be home a bit more, especially as our family grows.


You may have caught this mentioned in the about me page of the website or on the contact page, but this guy is going to be a big brother early next year! Which means that now more than ever, I want/need to get this created so I can have this income stream to help me stay at home a bit longer with Baby #2.

Here I am, sharing some things I’ve been keeping to myself. This bump, I’ve been hiding under voluminous clothes for the last 4 months. And my last 2 goals, which if I don’t share publicly, I fear will fall by the wayside in my endless list of chores and other work. These things are important, so thank you for letting me share them with you. And for being excited with me, even on days when it feels like too much.


UPDATE: We found out the gender this weekend!!!! See that news here!

A few months ago, I applied to be in the live studio audience for April’s Creative Live Course, Create Digital Products While you Sleep.  I was shocked that I was accepted to be a part of such a cool experience! I was even more disappointed when I had to decline the opportunity due to some previous bookings and family commitments that don’t make travel to San Francisco that week possible.

Since I can’t be there in person to take this course (I am seriously so sad b/c it was kind of my birthday wish to be able to go), I am going to be camped out in front of my computer to do it as live as possible from my home office. That is the next best thing, right?

Please feel free to comment and share your thought on the website or the 2 goals that I just shared. I would love to hear words of advice or encouragement!

If you are a creative entrepreneur, blogger or just like a fun blog to follow, check out April at Blacksburg Belle. She is a delight! Thanks so much, April, for sharing your knowledge and hosting this fun blog tour (my first!) so we can all get to know each other.  Check out the list of other creatives who are participating in the tour here. 

Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.April_Bowles-Olin_Google-_1000x566-620x350

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36 thoughts on “Time to create digital products!

  1. Ann-Marie

    Hi Emily, how totally lovely to have found you via April’s blog tour. I completely relate to point 2. above. I have been teaching embroidery and sewing for three years so I have lots of material, but I just haven’t been brave enough to put it out there as a digital product! I can’t wait to take April’s course so that I stop procrastinating and just jump right in 🙂
    Ann-Marie recently posted..The creative process – from a scientist’s point of viewMy Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks for connecting Ann-Marie. Loved your post on the tour! I totally admire your jump right in attitude and your honest but kind perspective on seeing each stepping stone as one that leads to the next. So many people look for reasons to quit. Its nice to connect with someone who sees the reason to reorganize and start again. Keep it up!

  2. April

    First, congratulations on baby number 2! That’s so exciting and I completely get why you want to have digital products in your arsenal. Second, I’m bummed that you can’t make it in the studio but also I completely understand. Life happens, right? Third, thank you so very much for writing this post and joining the blog tour. It gave me a little bit more to think about and stories like yours help me transform the content so it’s even better. 🙂
    April recently posted..Your Invitation to Join My Blog Tour (and a contest!)My Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks April! I am excited to soak up all the info in both your new courses and the blogging course too! Thanks for all you do and share. I am trying not to be too sad that I can’t join you in San Fran and focus on getting to access the information and put it to work for myself ASAP. I wish it was starting right now!!!! If Im in Blacksburg, I want to take you out for a smoothie:)

  3. Michael

    Congratulations on baby #2!!!! I truly admire how you are planning ahead to keep your business profitable and still make time for the newest addition to your family! Your planning is admirable and I’m inspired by it! I also think your “bite-sized” chunks is a great approach moving forward! Ill be in the chat audience with you in November learning from April and hopefully will connect with you there as well! Wishing you every success!!
    Michael recently posted..AN EDITED LIFEMy Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by Michael! I look forward to getting to know everyone on the blog tour and connecting with fellow participants.

  4. Verónica

    The way you are re-defining your digital product offer is very interesting Emily! Thank you for sharing. And you are choosing well by getting ready before baby #2 arrives, things are really different with two ; ) I hope the courses help you (well, I am sure they will, they are created by April).
    Verónica recently posted..Three not so small steps to get out thereMy Profile

  5. Katie

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Loving your site and I am sure you will have every success with it growing as baby number 2 comes along! Looking forward to watching the class in November!

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks so much Fanny. Yes, I have a lot of work to do on MMMUA but I feel like it is something that is so needed in this market so I am ready to dive in.

  6. Ani

    I’m excited for you. Makeup is art and I’m sure whatever you end up with as your digital product will be amazing! I laughed when I read “non-existent spare time.” If there is such a thing as spare time, I have never found it! You son will be an adorable big brother. All the best!
    Ani recently posted..Leave it to meMy Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks Ani. I know, I have to laugh at the idea of spare time, otherwise I would go crazy trying to find it! I think all mamas know how that is.

  7. Deepa

    Yayyy!! Congrats Emily ! Thanks heaps to April that made it possible to connect with wonderful people like you !!!!
    I wish you all the success 🙂

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thank you Cole, I am really looking forward to it. It is hard to find that sweet spot but I remind myself that I will only have these little babies to be at home with once and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

  8. Amanda

    I’m sad that you won’t be there with me in person, but completely understand not being able to make it. I was so hesitant to apply, but took the leap and was able to work everything out to go. I’m super stoked.

    I did find it interesting that you said you’d like to sell smaller bite size chunks to people and then hopefully some of them will commit to the 6 week course later on. I’ve been wondering about this myself, as I come up with my courses. I will definitely be testing this out for myself to see what works best! I love learning from someone who has done it before me.

    Great post and excited to hear more from you.

  9. Amanda Sue

    Hey hey! 🙂 We chatted it up about the baby-connection some on April’s post, but I wanted to come over here & say congratulations again! And a girl this time? YAY!!! I’m having a girl too…:D Mine’s coming earlier than yours though. Do you have a name picked out yet?
    Amanda Sue recently posted..The Magic of Gift WrappingMy Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Hey Amanda! Congratulations! Yay for little girls, its really exciting (kind of scary too!). Her name will be Sloane. Do you guys have a name for your little one yet?

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks Sage. I just started watching the Creative Blog one and Im really loving it! I totally recognized you in the audience:) You and quite a few folks on the blog tour!

  10. Amanda Sue

    Hahahaha I felt the same exact way when we had 2 girls, and then a BOY!!! It was a little scary, but he’s an adventure I’d never want to have missed out on, lol!

    I love that…Sloane isn’t a name you see very often! 🙂 We’re naming her Abigail Rae (already fondly being referred to as Abby-Rae).
    Amanda Sue recently posted..The Magic of Gift WrappingMy Profile

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Awe, I love Abby Rae! I am a 2 name girl myself, Emily Jo! And will probably try to make Sloane have a 2 name name but who knows if it will stick:)

  11. Erika

    Hello Emily,

    April’s workshop on blogging is SOOOOO helpful! I learned so much and I know you will, too!

    I resonated with reason#1 of why you want to learn how to make digital products. That’s so great to have something to offer that you already know people want and need. What a great place to be!

    By the way – congratulations on the baby-on-way!


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