How to do an at home facial


How To Do An At Home FacialHow to do an at home facial

Skin care is one of the most important parts of your beauty routine because your face is one of the first things that people notice about you when they first meet you. When you look good you feel better about yourself and have more confidence in the things you do. This is why facials are such an important addition to your weekly routine. Now I know that you’re busy and can’t go to the spa all the time so here are a few tips on how to do an at home facial.

  1. The first step is to get your hair out of your face so get a rubber band and pull it all back into a ponytail.

  2. Now that you’re ready to really get to work it’s time to use a gentle cleanser to remove any trace of dirt or makeup. Be sure that your cleanser is suitable for your skin type so that you don’t dry out or break out.

  3. Apply an exfoliator to your skin using small circular motions to remove the dead skin cells. This will help your skin to look fresher and brighter because the dead cells are not dulling out the top layer (the dermis) of the skin. Be careful to not use too much pressure or you can rip the skin.

  4. In order to open your pores I suggest putting a towel over your head and carefully standing over a pot of hot water with chamomile or lemon zinger tea. The chamomile is more relaxing and the lemon zinger has a little more kick to it. Be sure to not get to close to the pot or the steam can burn your face.

  5. If you have pimples or ingrown hairs now you will be able to gently and easily remove them. Be sure that your finger nails are clean in order to avoid infection. If you don’t want to use your nails you can purchase tools at your favorite beauty supply shop.

  6. Next apply a facial mask. Pumpkin or avocado egg masks are great for people who have acne. Collagen and coffee masks are great for people who are looking for a nice healthy glow. If you have sensitive skin I recommend you can also use an oatmeal mask.

  7. Don’t forget to put a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes to make them brighter. The cucumbers and masks should be left on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes.

  8. Finally be sure to apply a moisturizer to protect your skin from the elements. Be sure to use a thicker cream in the winter and a lighter one during the summer months.

Put aside about 45 minutes for the process. If you don’t have to remove any blemishes then you can put aside about 30 minutes. The process is faster and less expensive than going to a spa and it gives you some alone time. Enjoy!

Aleya started an electrolysis hair removal practice in Long Island 9 years ago. As her business grew she started offering Diode laser hair removal services to her clients who want faster results. Aleya takes great pride in her knowledge of hair and skin care and is always happy to share with her clients and friends. Thank you Beauty Tidbits for allowing me to share this information with your readers.

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