Top Moments from the Makeup Show, Los Angeles 2014

It is hard to believe that the Makeup Show L.A. was just last weekend (almost 2 weeks ago now, it just took me forever to get the images added to this so I could publish!). What a crazy (awesome!) blur of weekend! I told you all about the prep that went into me getting ready to go in the last 2 posts, here and here. After the whirlwind trip, with very little sleep and brain busting inspiration, I am back home and have so many things to do to follow up from the show. So while I am getting my thoughts in order, I will start with this post…my top moments from the show and a few regrets too.

The Makeup Show LA

Top Moments from the Makeup Show

  1. Blogger Preview:  I was able to attend the show on a press pass, which gave me the opportunity to really connect with some great people and brands at the event. To kick off the weekend, I was able to attend the blogger preview event on Friday. We got a fabulous swag bag FULL of goodies from some unbelievable brands. James Vincent went thru the bags with us and then gave us some insider info on some of the excitement that we had in store for the next 2 days. 

    The Makeup Show L.A. Blogger Preview

    The Makeup Show L.A. Blogger Preview

  2. The Icon Gallery, Kevyn Aucoin: After the blogger preview, we were invited to get a the first look at the Icon Gallery, a tribute to Kevyn Aucoin’s career and life as artist. James Vincent gave us the tour. Seeing this collection of his work and some of his private letters and photos was incredible and emotional. The Makeup Show did an incredible job putting this together.

    Kevyn Aucoin: The Icon Gallery

    Kevyn Aucoin: The Icon Galler

  3. Words to live by!seriously, I don’t know why my numbers got all off:)
  4.  I’m a finalist for the competition!  I didn’t even notice that they had the finalists for the Face Chart competition at the end of the gallery.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw my image on the wall, as one of 4 finalists! It was incredible. I mean, I knew that I was a finalist but I had no idea that there were only 4 of us chosen. I asked James to take a photo with me and have my entry photo bombing us. He agreed, which makes me love him even more. The winner was notified at the end of the show and while I was disappointed not to take the big prize, I was honored to be a finalist.

    Me and my new bestie James:) Seriously, he rocks!

    Me and my new bestie James:) Seriously, he rocks!

  5. Favorite Keynote Speaker: Honestly, its impossible to have a favorite, there were so many great ones. There were even a few that I missed because I was in a seminar or elsewhere. I loved Gina Brooke and and Ve Neill! The livestream with Wayne Goss was  incredible too. These experienced artists had some really great words of wisdom for all of us. (I don’t have photos of this because I was feverishly taking notes and trying to remember everything they said!)
  6. Favorite Seminar: Like the keynote, it was hard to pick a favorite for this. There is so much information available at the Makeup Show, I honestly wish it could be a week long event so I could soak up everything. For both days there are 2 seminars and a keynote happening at the same time, along with all of the mini stages that the vendors have going on too. Its enough to make your head spin! Since cloning myself is not an option, I had to pick and choose where to be. I probably learned the most from Mathias Alan’s seminar, where he did a bad ass contouring demo using the contour palette from Senna cosmetics. I went straight over and got one for myself! I will be making a video soon using his techniques.

    Senna Face Sculpting Kit

    Senna Face Sculpting Kit

  7. Brand Connections: I am really excited about the brand connections that I made at the show. I have so much new product to tell you about and look forward to working with these brands more and more in the future. Graftobian, a brand that I already love and can’t live without, gave me some classics along with some new to the market jewels that I can’t wait to put to use and tell you about. Graftobian
  8. Focus Series:  These were new to the show this year. They were not as intense and time consuming as the hands on workshops that you can sign up for. Instead they were about an hour long and really focused on one topic. I signed up for James Vincent’s Portfolio Building Focus session. It was amazing, of course. Even in that short time, I got so much great info that I can’t wait to dedicate an entire post about that here and on Money Making Makeup Artist.
  9. Powder Group:  I had been kicking around the idea for awhile about joining the Powder Group but wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me since I no longer live in Los Angeles and Im also not in NYC. That is where the majority of their classes are and one of the benefits of being a member is that you get discounts on education. But there are other benefits too. I could go on and on but this is also probably another full post that will probably be best on MMMUA. I’m excited to be a part of this elite group.
Proud member!

Proud member

10. Interviews:  It was such an honor to be able to sit down and talk one on one with some of these insanely inspiring and experienced people in our industry. Coming soon there will be a full post dedicated to my time with each of these artists. A huge thank you to Ve NeillJames Vincent and Orlando Santiago for sitting down with me for a chat.

Some of the best in the biz!

Some of the best in the biz!

What I would do differently….

I don’t want to call these regrets, but instead things I wish I had done or what I will do differently next time.

  1. I wish I had taken my Nikon DSLR….but realistically I was totally loaded down with stuff walking around the show and Im not sure I could have handled trying to have one more thing. I also barely got everything home, I may have over purchased a bit! I did take pics with my iPhone but they are not amazing and it was constantly losing battery so that was frustrating.
  2. I do wish I had taken video, especially of the unbelievable special effects artist’s creations. Photos just do not do them justice. Hopefully I can make a video using some stills from the show to give you an idea of what was there.
  3. A tape recorder would have been really helpful when doing the interviews. I was able to write down notes but I wish I had it on tape so that I could really quote their words. I didn’t know I would have the opportunity to sit down with these people for an interview, but next time I will be prepared.
  4. Like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot going on all of the time there. Because there is amazing complimentary education that is included with the price of the ticket, between the keynotes and seminars and brand demos, it is difficult to go to a hands on workshop that overlaps things you don’t want to miss. I would love to have the opportunity to take a hands on workshop from any of these artists.

This is my only real regret! Not buying a new pro case. I took a pic of this pretty purple Stilazzi bag at the Frends Beauty booth, I didn’t know how I would have gotten it home since I already had so much stuff to haul back the East Coast on my red eye Sunday night. But as luck would have it, just as I was writing this post, I went to their website and saw that The Diva bag (perfect for me!) is the deal of the day and only $175 instead of the regular price of $300! So I snatched on up and now I feel much better! If you want one, hurry up because there are only 7 left now. Once I get my new case in, I will review it for you guys. I am hoping these are pretty tough, or have a good warranty because as a freelance stylist, I am so hard on these cases. I actually had to order a new one because the wheel broke on my case 2 days after I got home from the show!

I do wish I had not been so hasty when I was placing my order ( I was so worried that they were going to sell out before I could get my credit card info in!) that I also needed a round shoulder strap set bag. Dang! Hopefully I will remember that on my next order.


Bonus! I was really excited to be back in L.A. and seeing some of my old pals. I moved away from L.A. in 2008 and had not seen two of these people since I had left. first stopped by my old apartment to meet my old roommate, Mychael to grab some lunch. I didn’t think I would be back in that apartment 6 years later, what a rush of memories! From there I went to see my pal Hilary Smith’s new salon that she just opened on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, Saulino Smith. Hilary and I go way back to 2004, when were started as assistants at Kenneth George salon in Santa Monica and worked our way up to official stylists together. That seems like a million years ago, we have come a long way! With my fresh new crisp bob, I headed out to the valley to see my bestie and her new baby girl. I can’t believe my Matron of Honor in my wedding is a mama now. It looks like we are all growing up. I love all of this so much!PicFrame-2

What a great weekend! Much needed dose of inspiration and education. But I was totally ready to see these two handsome fellows. How can you not miss this sweet face!

My loves!

My loves!

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      I know! I had a zuca and it really wasnt a good fit for me so I sold it. I feel like it is a constant struggle to find “the perfect” bag!

  1. Beauty By Krystal

    Your recap of TMS is so organized, I am envious 😉 I basically summarized my time on Saturday and Sunday and posted a million photos of the booths I saw and loved! I wish I had more time to sit and actually write out my experience, but you know motherhood. I LOVE that your face chart was at the blogger preview, I had taken a photo of it that Friday but it turned out too blurry for me to post. I can’t wait to see you post about that Stilazzi bag, it sounds very useful!
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    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Girl, I was so frantic about my notes, Im either totally organized or a straight mess! There is no in between. I dont even have great photos, all I had was my phone and it was half dead most of the time. We should swap photos, let me know if you need anything for a post and if I have it I will text it to you!

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