Guest Post: Nail Designs to Impress your Friends

Easy Nail Designs That Will Impress Your Friends

As girls, we love painting our nails. But the simple color and top coat story can get a little old, and the designs that the professional nail artists are able to do just look so complicated.

Well, enter the trend of easy nail art you can do at home, which looks just as amazing as a professional job. Your friends will swoon when they see some of your newest nail designs.

Read on to get summer ready with these pretty, yet easy, manicures:

1) Splatter Paint Nails

nail polish

Using whatever colors you want, this splatter paint nail design is so fun and looks like a work of art! The supplies for these nails are fairly simpleówhite nail polish, tape, a paper plate, a straw and any other nail colors you wish to use.

Begin by painting your nails white, and then cover all the skin around your nails with clear tape. The tape will help the polish clean-up go smoother. Put some drops of your chosen polish onto the paper plate and dip one end of the straw into the color. Blow the nail polish onto your finger, repeating with any other colors on all of your nails. You may have to blow hard, because the polish tends to have a hard time transferring from the straw to your nails.

After this, remove the tape! Clean up any remaining polish on your skin and youíre done! Your nails are now beautifully splattered.

2) Scrabble nails

LOVE nails

If you love playing word games, then this nail design is for you! It is a cute way to display fun words and phrases on your nails. All you need is two different colors of nail polish, typically a cream and a black, and a thin paintbrush for making the letters.

Paint your nails using the cream color to achieve the look of a Scrabble tile. Choose a word you want to paint on your nails, which should be the amount of letters of your nails. With the black nail polish, carefully paint each letter on your nails. To truly achieve a Scrabble effect, paint a small number in the corner of each nail. Hopefully, you chose a winning word!

3) Feather nails

pink nails

This look is unique and artsy, and will surely impress your friends. The supplies you will need are nail polish colors of your choice, scissors, a feather and a top coat. Paint your nails the colors that you want them to be as the base.

Next, choose one nail to design with the feather. Paint it with the top coat to ensure a clear, sticky surface. While the top coat is still wet, place the feather over your nail, trimming it down so it fits on your nail. To keep the feather in one place, cover it with one more layer of the top coató what a lovely look!

4) Nautical nails

sailor nails

Going on a cruise, or perhaps just kayaking around the harbor for the day? These nautical-style nails will suit your day perfectly and the design is almost too easy! All you need is blue nail polish, white strips from a manicure kit, and a red nail polish.

After painting your nails blue, apply the nail white strips to each nail, cutting them after application so they fit. To finish, paint a small red heart wherever you like on each nail! For a lasting finish, cover your nails with a top coat and you are boat-ready!

These nail designs will take you from dull to fabulous, all right at home! No matter what design you choose, your nails will never be boring again!

Marcela De Vivo is a writer for a salon in Miami who writes about easy-to-do nail designs, homemade facials and tips for getting naturally-glowing skin. She loves finding new nail art, especially when the designs are simple to replicate! Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more tips!




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