Guest Post: Sweet Ties Hair Ties

Sweet Ties Hair Ties


If you have not jumped on the bandwagon of the hair ties, that don’t kink or pull out your hair, or headbands in dry fit, cotton, mesh and lace that stay on your head morning, noon and night without shifting, you need to keep reading this piece! Both of these beauties are not only inexpensive, but also one can be found conveniently on! Both of these brands are Independent Designers, who made something so simple for the everyday girl to just go about her day with more ease and style.

Sweet Ties Hair Ties, Headbands and Bracelets are made of soft stretchy elastic so they won’t pull or damage your hair. They come in a rainbow of colors, different prints and tie dye! Wear them at the gym or out on the town. Grab a handful to layer! Sweet Ties are for every age and they are made to order for size and color. They are the perfect necessity to pull your hair back and apply your makeup to run errands, or throw one on as simple arm candy. Price: $2-$2.50


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9th & Elm is all about handmade and independent designers, not big faceless fashion that seems to be everywhere. Most people don’t want the same necklace that 10,000 other people across the country have, they want a unique piece that someone put thought into while designing and creating. That was the thought process that went into the development of We work with the best handmade and independent designers geared for the Fashionista.

Registration has now opened up and the countdown is on to our official launch. Your free membership will get you access to these exclusive deals from the best handmade and independent designers. In addition, when you sign up now you will get a chance at a $1000 shopping spree! Get registered now at!

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