Building your Portfolio as a Stylist and Makeup Artist

For years, I have been confused but this term “off-season”. I still am. Yes, there are a lot of wedding events  in April/May/June and again in September/October.  I have brides with weddings every month out of the year and the months leading up to the busy spring/fall events, we are slammed with trials and portraits. Not to mention the commercial work, teaching classes and workshops, and running the everyday maintenance that goes a lot with being an entrepreneur.

This winter, I did I have the opportunity to do a handful of stylized and portfolio shoots that I normally am not able to fit in. Boy, am I glad that I did! These rendered some beautiful photos to update my website, Facebook page and blog. But also were published on some pretty awesome sites, like Green Wedding Shoes and two were featured on Ruffled Wedding blog (one here and one here).

I love this shoot that I worked on with Tori Watson from Marvelous Things Photography. It was perfect timing to capture the stunning backdrop of the fall leaves in Richmond! These are some of my favs but check out Tori’s post here to see other details (like the dress, florals, accessories, etc)

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The photographers (Tori Watson, Laura Gordon and Katelyn James) also featured the photos on their blogs. Because they have such a captive audience, that introduces my work to even more potential clients, which I love. These photographers have great style and I love working with their clients so its a win-win all around.


In addition to working as a stylist/makeup artist, I coach other artists on how to build a successful business of their own. Creating a portfolio and networking with other vendors is a HUGE part of getting your name out there. I was just posting about that here. For more information on how how to build your business as a successful Money Making Makeup Artist, visit the site and make sure to get on our email list for lots of freebies. 

Do you want to work with me? Enroll now for the last group training offered until the Fall. Now is the time to build that business you want!

Are you a wedding professional? What do you do to keep clients interested in booking upcoming dates with you? How do you set yourself apart from other people who do what you do?

Are you a bride or a client looking for a makeup artist/stylist? What do you look for in a stylist?


Aren’t the florals in this shoot gorgeous! Great job by Janie Medley with the Brides Cafe. Her work is always stunning.

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