Top Tips for Applying Eye Liner


Top Tips for Applying Eye Liner

Eye liner is one of the best make up tools to make your eyes look bigger, bolder and rounder. Thin eye liner tends to give a more natural look by enhancing the shape of your eye, whereas thick eye liner is ideal for bold looks like the smoky eye.

If you have a party coming up then you are sure to want to have a great outfit, awesome hair and of course perfect make up. If you cannot decide what look to go for, then it might be worth looking at the make up on models on websites like Rush Hairdressers London or in magazines like Vogue to give you some inspiration. Below are a few tips to help get you started.

Eye liner allows you to make a statement because it is the perfect instrument to reshape your eye with. Thanks to the magic of make up, you can create the look of bolder, rounder eyes without going under the knife.

Small eyes

You can make your eyes look bigger by creating a smoky wraparound. Begin by cleaning off any other make up before outlining the rim of your eye using a thick eye liner pencil. Gently smudge the line to make it thicker. Do the same on the top rim of your eyes and use a dark shade of eye shadow like purple on your eyelid.

If you want to make your eyes appear longer then you should try the cat-eye look. Using a thin eye liner pencil, draw a neat line on the top and the bottom rim of your eyelids. Continue the line beyond the corner of your eye and draw and small flick upwards. When applying your mascara, pull your lashes towards the corners of your eye to create an even more elongated cat-eye look.

Glam-up your eyes by using a sparkly eye liner and match it with some glittery mascara. Use the eye liner sparingly to add a subtle shimmer to your eyes.

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