My 1 Minute (and run out the door!) Face Routine

I have never had any problem with being completely bare faced and showing the world myself with no makeup. However, it has come to my attention, that I am not as young as I once was. Damn.

Also, now that I am pregnant, I find that it is helpful to my overall self-esteem to deal with the daily surprises of my changing body when I feel good about myself. So I take the extra minutes to put on a tiny bit of makeup, some jewelry and a splash of smell good stuff. I highly recommend this.

I use a slightly different version of this each day. I always use a little BB cream, which is great for evening out the texture of my skin and giving some needed SPF. I add a little color to the cheeks and lips with some sort of cream color. A quick swipe over the lashes. Not quite my power lash look, like in this video.


The Before and the After. Full disclaimer is that the after was actually taken post-gym so it had really been thru the test. What is your bare minimum for a your 1 minute look?


What is your one can’t live without product?

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Emily Hudspeth

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