Expecting some Big Changes for 2013

Here is a short little video to give you some insight to our past, present and future.
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A HUGE thank you to these fabulous photographers who gave us these great photos over the years. The video starts with our engagement photos by Catie Ronquillo, an amazing photographer/friend who works in Dallas, TX. We were lucky to have Jason Cohen photograph our wedding and day after the wedding adventures in New Orleans. The last photos, the announcement photos,  in the video were taken  by Liz McNeil of  Keleigh Photography. Thank you all so much for sharing your talent and giving us these beautiful images to remember these special times in our life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. This baby is due May 11, 2013. I am 15 weeks pregnant, as of today.

2. This is our first baby. We are very excited.

3. Jasmine, (my first puppy child) is not taking the news well but we hope she comes around in the next few months. She wasn’t too keen on her adopted brother, Charlie, at first but she couldn’t live without him now.

4. We are going to find out what we are having and we should know by Christmas. Expect another fun video from our gender reveal party. What do you think, boy or girl? Should we start taking bets? You have a 50/50 shot to win.

5. I am still working and booking events thru the beginning of April.


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18 thoughts on “Expecting some Big Changes for 2013

  1. Tori Watson

    YAAAAYYY!!! 😀 So, so excited for you and I lovvve the video! I’m guessing Girl because everyone I know is having a boy, so I figure there’s got to be SOME girls out there…. 😉

    So wonderful seeing you Friday & mega congrats! 😉

    1. Emily Hudspeth Post author

      Thanks girl! I can’t wait to see more of your pics from Friday. And everyone is saying girl so im kind of thinking it too!


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