The Makeup Show NYC- 10th Anniversary Edition

If you have been following the Makeup Show, either their blog or Instagram, you know that this year is pretty special. Its the 10th Anniversary!


And I am going to be there! I didn’t think it was at all possible this year, since I am on maternity leave at the moment and staying home with my two little ones. But I took a chance, really put myself out there and now I have the opportunity to attend this special event. Im still pinching myself and may not believe that it is real until we get there.

Last year, I went to the Los Angeles show, there were so many blog posts about that adventure! Like this recap post. What a great trip! I’ve been to the New York show before but had to skip it last year because it was on the weekend of my son’s first birthday and I was not going to be away for that celebration!

When I saw they were calling for people to submit stories of how attending The Makeup Show impacted their career, it was last year’s journey to L.A. that inspired my submission. They were choosing the winning story to be the VIP guest at this year’s show in NYC and to be a part of the “special project” for the 10th anniversary celebration.  The winner also won a trip to NYC to attend the show and the Gala. How exciting!

On the day I had planned to write my story, 5 days before the deadline, I glanced back at the blog and noticed the deadline had been moved up….to that very day! I was so stressed but decided to pour my heart out, as quickly as possible, I didn’t have much time because my son was about to get up from nap and I wanted to get it in before it was too late.

The time crunch made me get real, I didn’t have time to over think it, I just wrote it and hit send. The next day, when I saw they extended the deadline for another week, I thought for sure that they read my story and thought it was so terrible they wanted to give people extra time to hopefully get something better.Oh well, I tried! And honestly, I was getting ready to have a new baby so I probably wouldn’t be able to go to the show anyway, so it was probably for the best that they didn’t pick me.

Imagine my surprise when I got the email saying they did pick my story…I was the WINNER!


Thank you to my friend, Sarah Kane Photography, for snapping this nice photo of me just before Sloane was born.

I almost didn’t believe it but it got more real when they announced it here on their blog and on Instagram. Sometimes I still can’t believe it and stress that they will change their mind!

This was such exciting news! Since I was still pregnant and laser focused on planning my first home birth (more on that later!), I really struggled to process that I had won. Honestly, I am still not 100% sure what I won. I know that I am going to the show and the gala and that my story will be published in the 10th Anniversary book. Since I wrote this so quickly and on a high of pregnancy emotions, I can’t even bring myself to reread what I submitted, out of fear that it is totally embarrassing. It wasn’t what I originally planned to send in but I guess it stood out enough to make me the winner.

Baby girl arrived, 2.5 weeks earlier than expected. The home birth went beautifully and I am trying to process how I am going to tackle this NYC adventure with a newborn. Almost 6 weeks later, I am still on a high from experiencing an incredible water birth in my bedroom with the most amazing midwife, doula and my husband at my side. Talk about the dream team! When I get a little panicked about traveling alone with her so soon, I think of how powerful and strong I felt at her birth and I know I can do this (and pretty much anything else!).

Just before she was born, I got an awesome gift, The Soothe shirt from, I discovered this gem on Instagram. It has been my uniform and I get so many comments/compliments when I wear it with her. I’ve posted on Instagram a few times. It was perfect to continue to take the weekly pregnancy pics and use the stickers up to 40 weeks she had decided to pop out a bit early.


She will be 8 weeks old when we set out on this adventure. I would say she is probably the youngest girl at The Makeup Show this year! I will be bringing this shirt along for the trip and probably need to order another color since I wear it almost everyday! She will be nice and cozy so we will both be happy while I walk around and get my fill of education and inspiration at the show!

IMG_7647 She is still so tiny and I can’t bear to be away from her. I am nervous to take her but I know I am up for this challenge. I big part of the story that I submitted that won us this trip was that while I adore being a mother, one of the hardest parts (that I didn’t expect) was trying to figure out how to keep my identity and sense of self while trying to navigate parenthood.

Like most mamas, I want to be the best at this but I had spent the last 10+ years growing my career as a makeup artist/stylist and I’m not interested in walking away from that. The Makeup Show is a great place for motivation, inspiration and education. I look forward to what I will take away from this year’s experience there. Becoming a mama to my second child, this beautiful little girl and winning this experience with The Makeup Show has the wheels turning on how this new life phase I have entered will impact my brand as an artist.

For a long time I was trying to run my business and my life separately. It has become very clear to me in the last few years that my business and my family are both too important to me to keep separate. Stay tuned for changes as I give up the battle to keep them apart and experiment with merging these two identities.

More to come, the next few posts will include my wish lists for shopping at The Makeup Show and the classes and education I am planning to take. I will be talking about that here and on Money Making Makeup Artist. The last two times I was able to attend the blogger preview and social media events. I’m still crossing my fingers that I will get approved for one of the limited media passes. Then I will have even more behind the scenes excitement to report on. Would you like to see that?


Wish me luck! Both on my NYC adventure and the evolution of the brand! I welcome encouragement in the comment section.



DIY At Home Spa Hacks

DIY Spa Hacks to Make Your Skin Beautiful and Pampered

Beauty is not just about the makeup and hairstyles you wear: it goes deeper to looking after your skin and your emotional wellbeing so that you glow from within! That’s why the spa is such a great place to relax and get pampered, but if you don’t have time to head to one you can create the stunning sanctuary at home.  

Rejuvenate Skin with a Scrub

Make your own exfoliating scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and nourish your skin. A coffee salt scrub is easy to make. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. The salt works as an exfoliator, the caffeine plumps your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite, while the oils boost your skin’s moisture. Mix it well before rubbing into your skin.

Soak in the Tub

Few things are more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub after a stressful day. Make yours feel straight out of a spa by adding fizzy bath salts, petals and essential oils to your water. It will feel and smell divine. Remember to warm up your fluffy towels before getting into the tub so when you step out you can wrap yourself in their comfort. Heavenly!

Indulge in a Body Balm

After your relaxing bath, don’t forget to moisturize! Make your own luxurious honey-coconut balm that’s great for dry skin while being good for your health because it doesn’t have any chemicals. You’ll need 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of beeswax. Mix the beeswax and coconut oil in a heatproof glass jar. Place it into a saucepan filled with some water on the stove. Warm it up well so that the wax melts. Once this happens, remove it from the heat and add in the honey. Stir it for a few minutes, then leave it for 10 minutes so it thickens. Stir it well again for a few minutes. Pour it into a glass jar to store it until you need it.

With easy spa-quality pampering tips, you’ll create luxurious DIY treats for beautiful skin and a relaxed mind.


NuNAAT Garlic Magic

You may have seen Instagram post recently about the new products from NuNAAT that I was excited to try out. I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is, wwww, garlic? I don’t want to smell like garlic! Rosemary Mint, maybe but garlic, no thanks! Well, I’ve been using these products for about 2 weeks and I’m ready to report back.
The NAAT Garlic Magic line is amazing! Aside from the magical fact, that it does NOT contain a garlic smell from the garlic extract, it has fabulous benefits including:
-Restoring hair to a strong, healthy and natural state. Which is much needed on my chemical challenged locks!
-Formulated with garlic extract
-Fresh, clean scent. No garlic smell! Seriously, not a trace of garlic. Just a light, clean scent.
-Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
-Suitable for all hair types.
-Ideal for slow-to-grow and fragile hair. Perfect for me!
nunaat hair
You may be wondering, why garlic? What is the benefit?
Garlic is a naturally powerful antibiotic that removes harmful toxins and offers relief to the dry, itchy scalp. When crushed, garlic releases an enzyme known as alliinase, which stimulates blood flow, strengthening hair and reducing breakage. It is also known to increase body and shine. But…who wants to smell like garlic all day!? nuNAAT has developed a unique way of processing the garlic extract in their NAAT Garlic collection so that there is NO garlic smell. In fact, the whole collection has a very pleasant fragrance that will leave your scalp healthy and hair growing strong.
Thanks Sarah Kane for this gorgeous photo from our recent shoot together! Photo linked to her blog post!

Thanks Sarah Kane for this gorgeous photo from our recent shoot together! Photo linked to her blog post!

My hair is currently extremely chemically processed. Even when it is not so crispy (to put it nicely), it doesn’t grow very quickly. Im not losing it to breakage or heat styling damage, it just doesn’t grow! Very frustrating! So I’m excited to use the Garlic Magic for longer than 2 weeks to see if I see any changes there. Not that I am trying to grow it super long again any time soon.

Right now I am super busy with an almost 2 year old and about to have a newborn. I am not working out quite as much as I do when I have a better handle on life. With my hair shorter, like this, I don’t really wear it curly very often. Drying it smooth isn’t super hard or time consuming at this length. But I don’t love doing it so I try to shampoo as little as possible. Like maybe once or twice a week.

For the last 2 weeks I have been using these products, I have been really happy with the results. I do feel like my hair is in great condition, not overly moisturized but just enough. I also feel like I can still go a few days in between shampooing. So far, I have nothing but good things to report.

Thanks so much to NuNAAT for giving me the opportunity to try these products and give some feedback. For more information on the Garlic Magic line, check out their website here. You can find label ingredients here.


You can purchase online here. Or find a store near you here.

Want to follow NuNAAT and learn more?

Facebook: @nunaat

Twitter:  @nunaat

Instagram:  @nunaatbeauty

nunaat condition
Thanks NuNAAT!

The last days before a new beginning

Hey Friends

I am getting an early start to the day and kicking off my Monday morning with some time think and organize the 1,000 thoughts swirling around in my head. Why am I feeling so cluttered and foggy this morning, well I am 36 weeks pregnant (yikes!) with my 2nd child and the last days can get a little frantic with trying to do it all before the new one makes her arrival.


In addition to the chores that have to be done, like shopping for necessities and decorating her nursery, I have been doing some fun things too. Of course! This is the only time I am going to be pregnant with a girl (my first is a boy) and the last time I will be pregnant. This pregnancy has not be as much fun as the first one but I am on a mission to enjoy the last moments with her in my belly!

We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with some wonderful people. The girls in my neighborhood, who all have 2 or more kids of their own and jobs and a million other responsibilities, got together and hosted a lovely girls night/shower for me. It was a wonderful night and I am so grateful that everyone took that time to get together and shower me and baby girl with love. How sweet are these little outfits they decorated with? And this cake, well, take my word, it was divine! I ate my fair share and then some!

Pink Baby Shower Cake and decorations

To thank these lovely ladies for making me feel so special, I wanted to get them a treat. So I went to LUSH and picked out some fun little things. If you have a LUSH store near you, go there now and treat yourself to some delicious goodies. I went a little over board, with things for myself, but I thought you would want me to test them out and report back. Stay tuned for another post dedicated to the goods that I got on that little haul. Loving this lip scrub!


If you follow me on Instagram, and I hope you do!, you can tell I’ve been kind of slammed, squeezing in the last few days of work that I can. I have one more shoot coming up this week and that will likely be the last. But I did say that last week and here I am prepping for another (as a full time freelancer, I am always grateful for the opportunity to work another day!).FullSizeRender-3 This is one from the most recent workshop that my good friend, Katelyn James, hosts a few times each year. Just before the participants started to shoot, the snow began to fall. It was beautiful! We snagged this photo of some of the talented vendors that worked to put the shoot together and I headed out before the weather got too bad!

Good thing I had this guy to help me out! He got me in and out of the shoot, to our appointment with the midwife and got my son picked up. He is a much better driver in the elements than I am!


Then the snow really came down, I think we got about 8 inches, which is a lot for Richmond. Then school was closed for the entire week! There is still snow on the ground! Since my husband was going to be home from work the next day we decided to take some of our own maternity pictures, using this gorgeous snowy background.

Since I am not a professional photographer, but I know a lot of them them, I decided to throw it out in some photo groups to see if anyone wanted to do a snowy maternity shoot with us for portfolio shots.  This awesome photographer, who I had actually met at one of Katelyn’s workshops, responded and we started emailing back and forth to set it up. She couldn’t get out of her driveway the day that Jeff was home but she did come the next day and she got some beautiful shots!


See more here on her blog, and if you are Richmond, you will want to hire this girl asap for maternity/newborn/family photos. She rocks. I am so grateful that she wanted to do this with me! When I was pregnant with Silas, we had a lot of time to do fun things like this and keep the excitement up. This time around, my husband and are both working a lot (which is awesome!) and we have a very active almost 2 year old, so we haven’t done anything like this. Some people may think taking photos like this is an indulgence but it really is a special time to be documented and every pregnant woman should feel special and beautiful.


Ideally, my husband would have been here for these photos but he was back at work. I am looking forward to the newborn session that I booked Sarah for. She is going to come to our house to photograph the new baby and also get some with my husband and son. I am grateful to have someone so talented capture this time for us.

These will be PERFECT to use for her birth announcements, which I plan to order from Minted. I think sending some magnets to grandparents and close friends would be fun! I always keep birth announcements but I know they often end up in the trash. Magnets can be a fun way to keep the image on the fridge a bit longer.  Because I KNOW I am going to have a hard time deciding, I will probably need to get us and grandparents a mini book too! I know they will want to show her off to their friends.

Can you help me pick a design for the announcements? I will probably want one with multiple photos on it like this one? But I also love these, with one image and all the info. It can be so hard to decide. I need

Wish me luck as I enter into the world of multi-baby parenting!


Firmoo Fashion Frames


You may have seen this post of my selfie on Instagram a week or so ago. I posted this the day my new glasses came from my friends at

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them and most people say, “oh, I didn’t know you wore glasses?” and I actually don’t wear them! But when Firmoo contacted me and asked if I wanted to review a pair, I jumped at the chance. I had been considering getting some fashion frames for some time but hadn’t made the leap.

Ordering your frames, prescription or non-prescription, is super easy! There are so many to choose from. You can upload a photo to their website to “try them on” to see what they look like. They have men’s, women’s and even sunglasses!


Of course, it took forever for me to choose a pair, probably because there are so many cute options. But I LOVE these, I love the basic black and kind of funky, cool shape with the surprise of the white legs. So fun!

If you are not used to wearing glasses, it can be a bit of an adjustment. I think it is kind of like getting used to false lashes, you just have to adjust to the weight of a strange object on your face that isn’t normally there. The only thing I am used to wearing regularly is sunglasses so the first day I got them, it was weird to wear them during the day and into the evening. I felt like I should take them off when it got dark and when I went inside places! Now I am kind of more used to them but sometimes it still feels a little strange at times.

One thing that I think is super fun is that these glasses are a totally fun, new look that I can play with a few times a week. And the reaction that I always get, after people say how cute they are, is that they didn’t know I wore glasses! Because of the excellent quality of these frames, no one can tell that they are total falsies! Which makes it even more fun, right?

What do you think of my new look? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Would you wear falsies? Would you admit they were just for fun or say thanks and keep on stepping.


If you want to order your own, use this link to get 50% off your choice of frames site wide. All other links shared are affiliate links.