DIY Harvest Spice Body Scrub

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I mean what is not to love? There is the eating, the lounging, and be grateful for all the love in your life. Its basically the perfect holiday!

When I found these envelopes in my son’s cubby at preschool, I decided this would be a super fun way to show some of our friends how much we love them. It was super easy to do and we hope it made our friends feel special. Teaching little ones to share kindness thru the community is the best.


The hardest part was picking 3 friends! It didn’t take long to remember three special friends that made me feel really loved and supported recently. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a few posts two weeks ago that I ran the Richmond half marathon with two of my girlfriends. This was an incredible experience and something I never would have done without the encouragement and support of these girls.


Around 4th of July, Sarah had the brilliant idea that we should all do this and wouldn’t take no for an answer, even with my excuse of just having a baby in March. She convinced me that I could do it so I signed up and so did our friend Judy. What really helped was that Judy was the same pace as me (pretty slow) and had also never run more than 2 miles. When we were able to run 12 miles nonstop on our last training run, we were so shocked and proud of ourselves. I really cant believe I took on this challenge and completed it before Sloane turns 9 months!

FullSizeRender-7I don’t have a photo of her from the race but the 3rd recipient of the scrub was our neighborhood friend, Stephanie D., who is an experienced runner (she has run multiple marathons, including Boston!). Stephanie was supposed to run the race but had an injury that didn’t allow her to run. Instead of staying home and being sad, she bundled up and came out to support her dad and many friends who ran that day. She walked along the course and met up with us a different points to cheer us on. Around mile 10, I had gotten separated from Judy and was really struggling. Stephanie appeared out of nowhere, like an angel, and gave me the motivation (and some Starbursts) to join back up with Judy and finish strong. That really meant a lot to me.

In addition to girl power and reaching an awesome goal, I also love a good old sugar scrub. This time of year, as the temps drop, I start to notice my skin starting to get super dry. When we start showing less skin when summer is over and dressing in our fall outfits, I know I stop be as diligent with the moisturizer on my body. That combined with the dry air indoors can be a recipe for super scaly skin.

My mother is the queen of Pinterest, so when I needed some ideas for teacher gifts and holiday treats for friends, I had her send me some inspiration from her Pinterest collection. I decided to make a Coconut Oil and sugar scrub. Super easy!PicFrame

I got these 4oz Ball canning jars and the fragrance from Amazon. I started with 1 cup of coconut oil, I had some from Trader Joe’s in my cabinet already, and 1 cup of granulated sugar. Mix that together.

To get a bit more substance and to add some color and scent, I threw in 1/4 cup of brown sugar to the mix.

This makes an amazing scrub for your hands and body (not face!) that smells incredible and is super moisturizing.


I added about a teaspoon or so of the Harvest Spice scent for fragrance.FullSizeRender-14Once it was all mixed together, we filled our jars. Then Silas added some stickers to decorate the jars. We LOVE stickers! Stickers on top of stickers on top of more stickers.


The next morning we took our sugar scrub jars and added a nice thank you note to the envelopes and set out around the neighborhood to deliver our special treats. We had SO much fun.

You are supposed to leave it as a surprise but Im pretty sure that our friends will know it was us (not just because of this post!) but because we are the only friends in the neighborhood who go to this preschool. I hope they were surprised to find their treat and our note letting them know we are grateful for their friendship.

Also in the envelope there was a card explaining that they had been hugged. FullSizeRender-13And a card to put on their front door to let people know that they had been visited with kindness. The last two years we have had something like this for Halloween where you got “Boo’d”. People would drop little Halloween treats at your door and you would put up a ghost on your door so people would know you had been hit, then you do it to three more people. 

This guy was super excited to knock on doors. Thankfully, we were able to surprise 2 of the 3 friends, but only because they weren’t home. This guy isn’t really into the sneak attacks, he announces his every move.FullSizeRender-10

We left it on their doorstep and hoped they were as excited to receive it as we were to make it for them. Happy Thanksgiving friends! FullSizeRender-9I am going to make some of these scrubs for Christmas again this year and will report back on how we have updated the recipe! Here is another easy DIY Lip Scrub that you can make with 2 ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Which would you like to give or receive?

Enjoy! XOXO


Hanover Tavern Love Story

Last week I met Stacy and Mike at Hanover Tavern for their engagement session. I had not seen Stacy in awhile, she and I had originally met awhile ago when we got together for a makeup lesson. We instantly hit it off!  Stacy is the best! I was so excited to see her again and meet Mike.stacyandmike-9

Aren’t they the sweetest? This year they will be married on September 24, 2016 at Hanover Tavern a super cute historic venue. What is so cool about this is that they had their very first date five years ago on September 24th in this same spot!

stacyandmike-139So it just make sense that their engagement photos would be here too! I love how sentimental and sweet Stacy is. Her heart is so full of love and it is a pleasure to be in her presence!

Her skin is flawless and makes my job pretty easy! And this hair is straight up flouncy, right? I decided that was the best way to describe the fabulous, bouncy and totally flawless curls:)stacyandmike-13Photographer, Laura Matthews, captured the love that these two have for each other and how excited they are for their big day. See more of her beautiful work on her full blog post of the whole session here. I can’t wait to see the images that are yet to come from their bridal portraits and the big day!
stacyandmike-148I am honored that Stacy chose me to work with her for her portraits and her wedding this Fall.

If you are looking to book a Spring 2016 wedding, you can find the available dates here.  More info on bridal services and some examples of my bridal portfolio can be found on the website 



Available Wedding Dates for Spring 2016

Last week, I FINALLY posted some photos and behind the scenes from the amazing Wedding Collective Dream Wedding Giveaway we did at Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here!

View More:

We had SO much fun!

View More:

Ha! I have no idea what was happening at this moment but Katelyn James always has the BEST behind the scenes shots in her galleries.

For more info on the Wedding Collective, Be sure to check out this site with all the info on the vendors who shared their talents to make this happen.

Don’t miss my post there with 3 tips for brides when planning their hair and makeup for a special occasion.

I got a little distracted by my crazy face in this picture, now lets get back to the announcement…

2016 Spring Wedding Dates!

January  9,10, 23,30,31

Febuary 6, 20

March 12, 19, 26, 

April  9,10, 30

May-August dates will be posted by the first of the year. I will update this list as dates get taken.

View More:

Please contact me here if you are interested in any of these dates and see this page for information on pricing and booking information. I look forward to getting to know you, working with you and having a lot of fun on your big day.


Dream Wedding Collective Giveaway

Early this year, when I was pregnant with Sloane and working my way thru the last weddings I had booked for 2014, my dear friend Katelyn of Katelyn James Photography gave me a call about a project that she was working on and wanted to know if I wanted to jump on board.

Katelyn told me about this crazy idea that she and Michael had dreamed up with their good friends, Buddy and Jill Powers, from Big Spring Farm in Lexington, VA. The Wedding Collective Giveaway, would be a collection of some awesome vendors (see more about vendors and the entire process here) coming together to give away a dream wedding to a lucky couple who shared their stories in a video submission contest.

Even though I was a bit burned out and ready to take a break from booking special events for a little while, I couldn’t pass up the chance to do something so special for a deserving couple. Especially with this group of talented professionals. And I’m so glad I did!

Meet the lucky winners, Alex and Laura

View More:

They were surrounded by fabulous friends and family on this gorgeous day at the Farm!View More: View More: girls are gorgeous from every direction!

View More:

It was such a pleasure to get to know this gorgeous bride. She is a real beauty, inside and out!

View More: like Laura make my job super easy!

Check out this post on the Wedding Collective website where I share 3 tips for special hair and makeup that brides should consider when planning their big day.

View More:


A huge thanks to my girls Meghan and Heather for jumping on board and sharing your talents. It is a pleasure to have you on my team! So lucky have these awesome beauty babes in my life.View More: was a stunning bride, very laid back and so happy to marrying her best friend. It was a beautiful day and the rain held off for the couple to have the outdoor dream wedding that we had all hoped for.

Check out more beautiful images from the day and all of the amazing details on Katelyn’s blog here.

View More:

This is one of my favorites! You can just feel the excitement coming from Laura’s happy face as her mom zips her into this beautiful gown.

View More: I love the special finishing touch of her hair accessory that was made from a piece of lace from her mother’s wedding gown. It is so sweet to see these details.
View More:


It was so nice to be a part of this event and a great way to renew my energy and excitement to work with my next group of brides. Thank you to Alex and Laura for letting us be a part of your big day and shouts out to all of these amazing vendors who brought their A game to this party.

Next week I will be posting available spring dates for Jan-April 2016 weddings!View More:

So I guess that means I am officially back! After spending the summer mostly at home with my babies and focusing on commercial/corporate work this fall/winter, I am ready to take on a few 2016 brides. Looking forward to working with you!



The Makeup Show NYC- 10th Anniversary Edition

If you have been following the Makeup Show, either their blog or Instagram, you know that this year is pretty special. Its the 10th Anniversary!


And I am going to be there! I didn’t think it was at all possible this year, since I am on maternity leave at the moment and staying home with my two little ones. But I took a chance, really put myself out there and now I have the opportunity to attend this special event. Im still pinching myself and may not believe that it is real until we get there.

Last year, I went to the Los Angeles show, there were so many blog posts about that adventure! Like this recap post. What a great trip! I’ve been to the New York show before but had to skip it last year because it was on the weekend of my son’s first birthday and I was not going to be away for that celebration!

When I saw they were calling for people to submit stories of how attending The Makeup Show impacted their career, it was last year’s journey to L.A. that inspired my submission. They were choosing the winning story to be the VIP guest at this year’s show in NYC and to be a part of the “special project” for the 10th anniversary celebration.  The winner also won a trip to NYC to attend the show and the Gala. How exciting!

On the day I had planned to write my story, 5 days before the deadline, I glanced back at the blog and noticed the deadline had been moved up….to that very day! I was so stressed but decided to pour my heart out, as quickly as possible, I didn’t have much time because my son was about to get up from nap and I wanted to get it in before it was too late.

The time crunch made me get real, I didn’t have time to over think it, I just wrote it and hit send. The next day, when I saw they extended the deadline for another week, I thought for sure that they read my story and thought it was so terrible they wanted to give people extra time to hopefully get something better.Oh well, I tried! And honestly, I was getting ready to have a new baby so I probably wouldn’t be able to go to the show anyway, so it was probably for the best that they didn’t pick me.

Imagine my surprise when I got the email saying they did pick my story…I was the WINNER!


Thank you to my friend, Sarah Kane Photography, for snapping this nice photo of me just before Sloane was born.

I almost didn’t believe it but it got more real when they announced it here on their blog and on Instagram. Sometimes I still can’t believe it and stress that they will change their mind!

This was such exciting news! Since I was still pregnant and laser focused on planning my first home birth (more on that later!), I really struggled to process that I had won. Honestly, I am still not 100% sure what I won. I know that I am going to the show and the gala and that my story will be published in the 10th Anniversary book. Since I wrote this so quickly and on a high of pregnancy emotions, I can’t even bring myself to reread what I submitted, out of fear that it is totally embarrassing. It wasn’t what I originally planned to send in but I guess it stood out enough to make me the winner.

Baby girl arrived, 2.5 weeks earlier than expected. The home birth went beautifully and I am trying to process how I am going to tackle this NYC adventure with a newborn. Almost 6 weeks later, I am still on a high from experiencing an incredible water birth in my bedroom with the most amazing midwife, doula and my husband at my side. Talk about the dream team! When I get a little panicked about traveling alone with her so soon, I think of how powerful and strong I felt at her birth and I know I can do this (and pretty much anything else!).

Just before she was born, I got an awesome gift, The Soothe shirt from, I discovered this gem on Instagram. It has been my uniform and I get so many comments/compliments when I wear it with her. I’ve posted on Instagram a few times. It was perfect to continue to take the weekly pregnancy pics and use the stickers up to 40 weeks she had decided to pop out a bit early.


She will be 8 weeks old when we set out on this adventure. I would say she is probably the youngest girl at The Makeup Show this year! I will be bringing this shirt along for the trip and probably need to order another color since I wear it almost everyday! She will be nice and cozy so we will both be happy while I walk around and get my fill of education and inspiration at the show!

IMG_7647 She is still so tiny and I can’t bear to be away from her. I am nervous to take her but I know I am up for this challenge. I big part of the story that I submitted that won us this trip was that while I adore being a mother, one of the hardest parts (that I didn’t expect) was trying to figure out how to keep my identity and sense of self while trying to navigate parenthood.

Like most mamas, I want to be the best at this but I had spent the last 10+ years growing my career as a makeup artist/stylist and I’m not interested in walking away from that. The Makeup Show is a great place for motivation, inspiration and education. I look forward to what I will take away from this year’s experience there. Becoming a mama to my second child, this beautiful little girl and winning this experience with The Makeup Show has the wheels turning on how this new life phase I have entered will impact my brand as an artist.

For a long time I was trying to run my business and my life separately. It has become very clear to me in the last few years that my business and my family are both too important to me to keep separate. Stay tuned for changes as I give up the battle to keep them apart and experiment with merging these two identities.

More to come, the next few posts will include my wish lists for shopping at The Makeup Show and the classes and education I am planning to take. I will be talking about that here and on Money Making Makeup Artist. The last two times I was able to attend the blogger preview and social media events. I’m still crossing my fingers that I will get approved for one of the limited media passes. Then I will have even more behind the scenes excitement to report on. Would you like to see that?


Wish me luck! Both on my NYC adventure and the evolution of the brand! I welcome encouragement in the comment section.