The Refresh Sesh 2016

Yesterday this sweet baby girl was officially 11 months old!

Thank you Sarah Kane Photography!

Thank you Sarah Kane Photography!

 I know its so cliche’ and cheesy but where has the time gone! It has been a whirl wind adventure, becoming a mama of two babies. This time around, I tried to slow down and really live thru all of the moments. The really amazing ones and the ones that are less appealing.

You know, the less than ideal moments that we are all guilty of rushing thru. We have all heard it and I am sure I will be saying it too, that one day I will miss these days. The days of less than stellar personal care, little to no sleep or patience, and the non-stop noise.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with my babies this last year.  I gave it my all, every day, knowing that I had plans to shift the focus at the beginning of this year.

crush-2Last year my word was Energy and this year I chose Refresh to be the theme and focus. It feels like a good word because I feel like now that Sloane is getting a bit more independent, I can redirect some of my energy back to taking care of myself and doing some things for my business that I had on hold for the last few years.

I am working on a BIG rebranding project that will blend Money Making Makeup Artist and my freelance work together to live under one new url with a name that I feel really makes a statement to what I am about. I can’t wait to show you!

 Did you give 2016 a word or a theme? I would love to know what it is and why you chose it, please share in the comments!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that taking the time to give myself (and my goals and dreams) that REFRESH energy is not selfish and that I can’t just run around like a crazy person all of the time trying to get it all done. That is another totally cliche’ mom thing that kills me. We have to take care of ourselves friends!

How do you expect to take care of your loved ones when you are not being very nice to yourself!?!?!

So I am doing it ya’ll, I am committing to this year of REFRESH! I am taking the time to give myself little doses of physical, mental and spiritual refreshment, as my time and budget allows. Now, I would adore a lavish shopping trip and month of lounging on a beach somewhere but that may not be realistic at the moment.

For about a month or so at the end of last year, I was on a major clean up kick. I hauled so much stuff to Goodwill. It felt amazing to clean out the closets and say good bye to some things that no longer served me. Here’s looking at you maternity clothes! Bye, Felicia! Am I right!?!?

One day I was chatting with my pal, Joanna Avant, wardrobe consultant, and I was telling her that I didn’t need a full on Wardrobe Revival (the 3 hour closet makeover session she offers!). I am pretty good about purging clothes that no longer fit or make me happy.  But there were a few pieces in my closet that I just didn’t know how to make work so I wasn’t wearing them but I didn’t want to get rid of them. I just needed some guidance on HOW to make them functional.

So one day, when I was popping by her house to check out the CO2 Fighting Fit boxing video that we both reviewed (click here to see & download your copy!), I brought over 2 dresses that I needed a solid outside (but legit) opinion on whether I needed to let them go to a new home OR style them in a new way for my 2016 self.

Ya’ll, these were maternity dresses! I can’t even believe I am admitting that! But I bought these 2 dresses last year at Hip to Be Round, a trendy maternity store in Richmond and they are so cute and don’t look like maternity dresses at all. I wasn’t sure if I was just trying to convince myself of something OR if they were cute. Joanna told me exactly how to bring them back to life and style them for my current bod and I have been so excited to wear them with confidence!


Isn’t my sweet friend Joanna such a sassy broad? I love that she helped me figure out how to wear this (formerly maternity) dress and feel totally cute doing it.

Its like getting a new outfit for FREE!

And so #therefreshsesh was born!  It’s a brilliant way to get a mini version of Joanna’s Wardrobe Revival and my Makeover Your Makeup Bag session. The coolest part is that it doesn’t matter where you are, we come to you virtually!

After years of getting asked by friends and clients who don’t live near us, we have finally figured out how to share our skills using technology! We are only doing 12 of these and they are for sale thru Feb 14, or until they sell out, so they are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat! Buy your here!


How fabulous would it be to have a team of pro stylists teach you how to streamline your morning routine (closet to caboodle) so you can start every day looking and feeling confident and put-together?  This service isn’t just for celebrities or the super-elite.  Joanna Avant, wardrobe consultant, and Emily Hudspeth Greenwald, make-up artist, can do this for YOU!  It doesn’t matter where you live — it’s all done via e-mail and Skype/FaceTime sessions!

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Get the ball rolling by completing a style questionnaire for each of us
  • Do some quick homework to prep for our virtual sessions
  • Hop online, and let’s “meet!”

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

  • 2 hours of virtual consultations (approximately 1 hour with each of us), during which we will answer your style questions, help you decide what to keep, what to trash/donate, what to invest in, and how to put it all together
  • A follow-up summary email with links to a few things for you to buy now
  • A printable worksheet for taking notes during our sessions
  • A huge boost in confidence that comes with feeling comfortable and put-together.  (Oh, and a good chuckle or two.  Possibly at our expense;)

Treat yourself or someone you love to The Refresh Sesh!  A Virtual Make-up and Wardrobe Edit.  

There are only 12 spots available for this Valentine’s Day special!  Available for purchase February 1-14, 2016, or until all spots are filled.




CO2 Fighting Fit!

When I got the opportunity to do a sponsored post for Richmond #girlboss Seo Kellher ,I was over the moon excited for a few reasons. And not just because of my deep, deep love of active wear.

Not shown in these photos are my super awesome electric blue Reebok high-tops and orange leg warmers. Yes I went in public like this, on multiple occasions.

Not shown in these photos are my super awesome electric blue Reebok high-tops and orange leg warmers. Yes I went in public like this, on multiple occasions. One of these times I was pregnant with Silas and Jeff was dressed as Richard Simmons.


Use the code EH15 to get 20% off your download

#1. I am always looking for a fresh, new workout.

#2. Supporting my fellow #girlboss ladies and their awesome empires rocks!

#3. Straight out of Richmond. Seo is cutting edge with the latest workouts she leads at Turn Cardio Jam Studio in Scotts Addition.

Make sure to follow CO2Fit  on Instagram, she has a super inspirational feed that will get you moving!

I couldn’t say yes fast enough when this opportunity came to me. I was especially excited when I found out that my girl Joanna Avant, personal shopper/stylist and blogger was also on board. Since we were also in the midst of cooking up a little package that we are putting together for Valentine’ Day (alert your sweethearts if a style session is on your wish list!), we decided to do the video together one day.

So we set up camp right here in her kitchen and used her computer because we are both tech challenged and could not figure out how to be fancy and stream it onto the tv. I am sure our husbands or some neighborhood teenagers could have done it in their sleep but we didn’t have time to find them and make them work for us.



This is Seo’s first video and I think she really did a great job! It is perfect for those days when you can’t get to the gym or when the weather is too cold/hot. It is 20 degrees in Richmond today and we are getting ready for a ton of snow so I think I will be doing this video often.

It is for all ages and fitness levels so don’t be afraid to try this! What I love about it is that it is broken into three 15 minute sessions with an ab workout in each session. You can just do one 15 session if you are in a time crunch or if you want a new way to warm up for a run. Or you can do all three sessions for a complete workout.


Seo is an excellent instructor and she has two other people working out with her in each session that demo a higher or lower impact option for you to choose. The moves are repetitive so it doesn’t take long to catch on to the sequence once you get going. Even I could do it and I am always struggling with my right and left and following instructions (and other things you should really be good at after elementary school).

To be 100% honest….I wasnt sure this was going to be a real kick a$$ workout that I needed that day so I went to the gym before and did Fight class, my favorite cardio boxing class. Joanna did a 5:30am bootcamp at the YMCA. Turns out we were very wrong to underestimate how much of a workout this was! If it were up to me, I would have totally skimped and not done all three sessions or only done them halfway, but Joanna pushed me, I mean encouraged me, to give it my all. I was so sore that I could barely walk for days!


What did we think?

After having done the video and gotten the sequence down, I can really up my effort and push myself to sweat even harder. The only thing I don’t love is that there is no music to jam to but I solved that by adding some Pandora in the background. Thank you so much Seo for the opportunity to try your new workout video. I can’t wait to make it out to Turn Cardio Jam Studio to check out some other fun classes. I really want to try Dance Trance!

I highly recommend this for all fitness levels! I am especially grateful to have this as an indoor option this winter. Download your copy here and use the code EH15 to save 20%!

Let me know how you like it. And if you are in Richmond, lets go take a Seo class together!



My 1 Word for 2016! Refresh.

So many people that I know have a hard time coming up with their 1 word of the year and some people have a couple of them (which I don’t think is the point since its supposed to be 1 word!). But there is always one word that totally stands out in the crowd for me, depending on what we have going on.

 ENERGY! was my word for 2015

Why did I pick energy? Because I was at the end of my pregnancy with Sloane and it had been a rough road. I had absolutely zero energy and I desperately needed some (still do!). For me, choosing my word or feeling is about how I will approach decisions and opportunities.

In 2015 it was important to me to say yes to things that would give me more energy and to say not no, but HELL NO to things that unnecessarily zapped my energy. Getting in and out of the car took a lot of energy toward the end of that pregnancy and that 18 hour intense home birth labor REALLY took some energy but those aren’t things you can say no to. But people or activities that drained me were easy to say no to. I didn’t have to think twice!

2016 is the year of REFRESH

As I write this, baby Sloane is growing up so fast, too fast. She is 10 months old and started her first day of daycare yesterday. She is really killing it. Girlfriend can hold her own in a crowd, she’s a tough cookie and I love that about her. I had the opportunity to stay home with her a bit more than I did with Silas and now that she is a bit older she just doesn’t need me as much. Its bittersweet.

I am ready to get back to work. I have been working, taking jobs here and there since she was 6 weeks old, doing what I have been doing for awhile now, some weddings and mostly commercial production. All the while, for the last 3 years, I have been keeping a notebook (or 10!) with ideas about how I want my business and this blog to change and grow. Now I have the time to dedicate to that.

crush-2Im still not sure exactly how all of this is going to play out. I am working on getting it all organized in my head and on paper. I am so ready to take action, major action, but I want it to be just right! Here are some things you can expect.

  1. I will be Emily Hudspeth Greenwald! Which is hilarious because that has legally been my name for almost 5 years now but I am embracing calling myself that now. You will see my email signature and a few other things change. Every year I say I am doing it but this year its real!
  2. Just before I got pregnant with Silas, 3+ years ago, I had this genius idea to launch a blog/website/resource for aspiring hair/makeup/creative entrepreneurs who wanted to go pro. To take their passion and turn it into a business. In that time, I have had 2 babies! Which turns out is a even more work that I thought it would be. I kept Money Making Makeup Artist going but didn’t have the time or energy that I expected to be able to create and grow what I wanted. At times it was super overwhelming so finally, I just let it rest for a bit. The rest was perfect! It gave me the space to see what was important and what my heart wanted to create to serve this community that really lacks a resource like this. And just like that…it hit me, I need to put more of myself into that brand. So keep a look out for that blog and this blog to merge and get a new living space to share together.
  3. This blog has been around since 2008, when my life long girlfriend, Nell, told me that I needed a blog. Since I tend to try anything 3 times, and say sure why not to whatever she suggests (good call, I did look good in those bangs I cut in our dorm room back in the days of Blake Hall!), I started this blog and had NO idea why I was doing it or how it would serve me. In the last 8 years I have learned so much about blogging (and have so much more to learn) and am so grateful for the opportunities that it has given me. I mean, lets me honest, someone like me needs a space to communicate because I just have SO SO SO much to say. But in this season of my life, being 35 year old married lady with two fabulous kids, it is time once again for my business and these blogs to pivot and evolve with me.

Your invited! To come along for the ride as I, Emily Jo Hudspeth Greenwald,  breathe new life into my  business and give her a little makeover. As usual, I have no idea what I am doing but I am all about figuring it out align the way. Maybe it will be inspiring and give you the push to reinvent one of your own project.  Or maybe it will be full on train wreck. Either way I am sure there are going to be a whole bunch of learning lessons for us all.

Warning: I will be keeping it real REAL along the way. You may love it (I hope so!) or maybe not (and that’s ok too).

I want to know what is your one word from this year AND last year and how do they differ, if they do at all? My words are different but they come down to the same core principals. Choosing my actions (personal and work projects) that give more life and love to my family and business and myself. Share your thoughts in the comments!



What is a Dermaroller?

As a stylist and a makeup artist (and all around girls girl), I am ALWAYS hearing about the latest and greatest in treatments and procedures. While I am currently not a fan of anything permanent, we will see if that changes in a few years!, when I started hearing about the Dermaroller, it caught my attention.

Check out this sponsored post below and let me know what you think? And can we just give some mad props to how cool the human body is at its job? When you start being a hater on your sweet temple, you just remind yourself of how powerful your “house” is.

what is a derma roller

Image Source:

Explaining The Dermaroller Procedure

Everyone cares about their appearances.  When you have dimpled skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks, it can be hard to feel confident about yourself.  You feel like people are staring at your skin imperfections and wish there was a way to make them less noticeable.  These are things the Dermaroller can help reduce or even eliminate.

Underlying Causes of Skincare Issues

There are a number of things that cause unsightly skin problems.  Prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can result in blemishes.  Many pollutants are toxic to the skin and cause acne breakouts.  Worst is aging, which can leave the skin with wrinkles, age marks, stretch marks and so forth.  As a person gets older, their body stops producing the amount of elastin and collagen that are necessary to skin rejuvenation.

What Exactly is the Dermaroller Process?

Similar to acupuncture, Dermarollers are used to lightly puncture the skin using a hand-held device.  The process is also referred to as collagen induction therapy or micro-needling.  The Dermaroller has a head shaped like a rolling pin and covered in numerous medical grade needles.  It is rolled across the skin, making tiny punctures.

In response to the puncturing, your body uses the nearby pores to stimulate repair work on your skin.  Collagen and elastin are produced at that time to tighten and smooth your skin cells.  It can take as little as one week to observe the results of the treatment.  This procedure remodels the skin by inducing the body’s natural healing process.

Various Ways Dermaroller Treats Your Skin

There are a number of skin conditions the Dermaroller can help with.  Erasing time by reducing wrinkles is certainly one of the most common uses for micro-needling.  Skin dimpling and stretch marks may be reduced and possibly removed entirely using this procedure depending on how significant they are.

Dermarollers also work to reduce the appearance of small scars caused by surgery, acne, and burns.  Several treatments are required for the most effective result.  Always consult with your doctor before beginning such procedures, whether using a Dermaroller, cosmetic laser, or any other method.

Length of Treatments

Treatments via the Dermaroller will vary in length from fifteen to about forty-five minutes.  How large an area of the skin surface and how difficult the skin condition affects the time required.  While it may seem obvious, you need to consider that a very small area such as a finger will take far less than time than an area like the thigh.

Another option is to use a form of laser skincare treatment or cosmetic laser which may require fewer sessions than a Dermaroller, but it’s also far more painful and can be much more expensive.  You need to look at how much you can spend and how many treatments will be needed overall to determine which procedure is the better choice for yourself.  Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before undergoing any kind of procedures, then make your decision. 

What do you think? Would you try it? Let me know if you have or if you would, in the comments below!




7 things I love about European Wax Center

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2016! What a year it will be, I feel it in my bones. How about you?

Our trip to Miami was AH-mazing, like I can’t even describe it.  This trip came as a surprise (a work thing for my husband) and could not have come at a better time. Things have been crazy around our house. With two super active little kids and both of us working so much, we really needed this time away to connect with each other, reflect on our year and get excited about things to come. We are incredibly grateful for that experience.

My apologies for skipping a week, I am really trying to make sure to post at least weekly, sometimes a bit more. If you are signed up to get posts to your inbox, you will only get them on Tuesdays at 11am EST. Last week’s post should have been my 2015 recap but that one is kind of time consuming and I couldn’t pull it together trying to get ready for this trip.

Vacation Prep Priorities?!?!

What are yours? In the past, my prep would have been much more extensive and self indulgent.

I would have spent a lot of time shopping for new outfits, getting my hair and nails done and other personal care maintenance. Having two little ones and a demanding work schedule, I had to focus on the minimum and highest priority. I cut and colored my own hair, not ideal but it was the only way to get it done! I did my own nails, mani and pedi, and waxed my eyebrows (and upper lip, didn’t want to ring in the new year with a ‘stache!).

The one thing that I can not and will not do is wax other parts of my body.  I treated myself to 2 super cute bikinis, as mentioned in the last post, since I was feeling pretty good about my body after completing the Richmond Half Marathon, I wanted to take all of the steps to make sure I looked tidy.


I was super excited to see that a European Wax Center was opening up just down the street from my house. When we lived in Dallas, I used to go there and haven’t found a great place to go since I’ve been in Richmond. I have tried a few places that have good technicians that do a decent job but their scheduling is always a problem for me. It is so great to have EWC because they are super professional and make the entire experience as easy as possible.

A few things I love about it….

  1. You can book online! Seriously, how much easier can they make it?
  2. The new location is minutes from my house!
  3. They use their own line of wax and it really is almost pain free, for real!
  4. All they do is wax so technicians are very efficient and focused. Yay for specialization!
  5. Your first wax is FREE!
  6. They have a wax pass system, which lets you pre-purchase your appointments and save time and $$$! Those might be the two things everyone wants more of!
  7. They have their own line of products to enhance the experience. They aren’t pushy about it and give you samples of things to try.


I used both of these today and I am totally buying the wash on my next visit. It has a gentle exfoliating texture to it that I feel like will work wonders on preventing the ingrown hairs (those the worst, am I right!). The Exfoliate was lovely and reminded me of this Boscia Peel gel, that reminds me I need to blog about it, so Im considering just using that.

Both the body wash and the lotion work on all body hair (just don’t use it on your face!). I am totally going to use it on my legs, even though that is a shaving area, not something I wax. I will report back in a few weeks when I have had some time to access. The lotion feels pretty amazing on my skin. I just need to get in the habit of using it daily, otherwise I doubt you would see results.


I did buy the Slow It Body Lotion, which I haven’t started using yet but will be reporting back on how it works after my next visit. Both the technician and the receptionist told me the wash and lotion were their personal favorites!SlowItBodyLotion

Will you be trying the new European Wax Center? Make sure to tell them that I sent you! They are super cool about giving you points for your referrals, so many opportunities to make being a regular and loyal customer a little less expensive.

Oh and that makes me think this is an excellent place that my brides should know about! Don’t forget to tell them I sent you. And if you haven’t booked yet, I am only taking 6 brides this year. I have 3 spots left! I am updating the blog post here with dates until they are all gone. 

We are happy to be home, refreshed and excited to celebrate all things 2016! What are you most excited about for 2016?

Hello 2016!xoxo